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If you look up the internet or anywhere else you will find dozens of diets based on different or sometimes similar principles that claim to make wonders.
Some don`t match your everyday schedule, some make you eat food you do not like, some can even cause you health issues and besides all this, some may not really work at all!
Here is our top 5 diets based on visible results, difficulty degree and after all physical andВ physicalВ well being. The Howard Hay Diet is one of the oldest food diets that is still used by a great number of people worldwide. The Howard Hay Diet is more like an eating life-longВ habitВ and it basically says that you can lose weight and feel good if you know how to properly combine the three different food classes. Also, the Howard Hay Diet stipulates that one should eat 3 meals a day and leave at least 4 hours timeВ betweenВ the meals. Besides the fact that it works, the easy to remember principles and little restriction along the way, places the Howard Hay Diet on number 5 in Top 5 diets that really work!
The Weight Watchers shows you how to find out how much food you really need to eat by taking into consideration your personal data (gender, age, physical activity,personal weight and height).
The simple rules and efficiency places Weight Watchers on number 4 in Top 5 diets that really work! The 13 Days Diet or the Danish Diet is one fast diet that claims to make changes at the level of the metabolism. The 13 Days Diet is so strict that if you do not conceive to keep up the pace and decide to end it, you shall try it again only after 6 months, not one day in advance.
If we sum everything up, the 13 Days Diet or the Danish Diet is still one of the most efficient diets that really work!
The Motignac Diet was a very popular diet during theВ midВ `90s, and because of its great number of followers it occupies number 2 in Top 5 diets that really work!
The principle that makes this diet work wonders is the glycemic index (GI), a ranking system that tells us in what degree a foodstuff can influence the blood glucose levels after every meals. The Montignac Diet is composed of 2 phases: the weigh-losing phase and the prevention andВ stabilizationВ phase. The Rina`s 90 Diet (90-Day Diet) is also composed of 2 phases, the first oneВ composedВ of 90 days and the other one for as long as you may keep it.

Every 29th day (3 days in total) you need to undergo a detox day, meaning that you only drink plenty of flat water and unsweetened tea all thay long. Being on a diet isn’t all doom and gloom, there is plenty of diets that work which allow you to eat what you wish.
Diets that work is a widely researched and sought after topic, causing debates and controversy around the world. There are several tried and tested diets that work effectively to burn fat and lose weight.  The diets that work results may vary depending on each person’s body and health conditions. No matter what proven diets that work you chose to follow, you will always wish that you could be on this one or that you could just eat what you want as you promise to eat healthily.
The principles of this diet stands in food-combining: you should combine either a and c foods or b and c foods, but you should never combine a and b foods at the same meal.
In the end, you will end up with a number that will represent the total of food points you need to intake during one day. All you need to do is to make sure that you eat the total number of points for that day, no more and no less. It is not an easy diet, because of its strictness and monotony, but regarding the fact that it can visibly slim you down (up to 20 lbs) in less than a week, you might think twice.
After years of studies, Michel Montignac discovered that the foods that have higher GI are carbohydrate-rich foods like white bread, pasta, rice white sugar etc. Yes it takes time to lose a few pounds, well much more time than it takes to gain them that’s for sure. Diet plans that make you tired and irritated will never work because starving yourself will only make you fall ill. People who love to eat a lot, but willing to lose weight should follow the volumetric diet. Mixing honey and cinnamon to warm water is very good for cardiovascular health and weight loss.
The principles of this diet is to sum up the points representing foods, that you need for one day, preventing you from eating more and also less than your body basically needs.
During the second phase, the diet is moreВ permissiveВ but the idea is to maintain certain eating habits so to prevent from gaining weight back.

A healthy weight loss diet plan will help you lose those additional pounds without draining your energy and health. Healthy diets that work consist of all the nutrients that are necessary for the body to function normally. Following any of these diet plans with a combination of easy exercises like walking, brisk walking or slow jogging will provide great results. However the temptation of all those cakes, sweets and fatty foods who would want to scrimp and scrape on their calories. Following a good diet plan and exercising for at least 15 minutes a day will effectively work towards losing weight. Sugar, white rice, white flour, pasta, white bread, potatoes and many other white foods contain carbohydrates that need to be avoided.
The raw food diet is usually a vegan diet that consists of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts. The diet helps in maintaining a stable insulin level which causes weight loss gradually but keeps the energy levels high. Foods that cause bloating and gas (cabbage, onions, coffee, sugar, tea and soda) must be completely avoided. Cutting your calories to 1500 for a female and 2000 a day for a male will help you lose at least a pound of fat per week. Low carb diet should ideally contain good protein sources like tuna, eggs, chicken breasts and turkey.
The reason being for this is that a calorie deficiency of 3500 a week will allow you to shed the fat.

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