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The dopamine naturally produced by your brain makes you feel good and have self confidence. ADHD: If you're really struggling to focus on tasks and experiencing hyperactivity, your doctor can prescribe psychostimulants like Ritalin to inhibit dopamine reuptake. Certain strategies like ECT (electro-convulsive therapy -- once deemed precarious is now returning in popularity) have shown to be effective in raising dopamine levels.[11] If medications aren't working for you, there are other things you can try. According to the Franklin Institute, food is the best source for increasing the dopamine levels.
The habit of consumption of junk food regularly inhibits the dopamine production and that is the reason why you feel sleepy and tired after you treat yourself with burgers and pizzas.
There are various supplements and medications available to increase the dopamine levels; but natural sources are always the best and should be the first choice. Drive depression away with the food sources rich in dopamine and live a healthy and happy life!!
You get a rush of dopamine in response to pleasurable activities like food or sex.[1] On the other hand, without enough dopamine, you may feel sluggish, depressed and uninterested in life. In order to make dopamine, your body needs tyrosine -- after a bunch of synthesizing and technical terms, it gets turned into your happy fuel. Dopamine is easy to oxidize, and antioxidants may reduce free radical damage to the brain cells that produce dopamine.
Exercise increases blood calcium, which stimulates dopamine release and uptake in your brain. A genuine laugh or a stretch gets your endorphins going, which is similar to a dopamine high.

If you're actually looking to up your dopamine levels as opposed to feeling good, dopamine levels skyrocket with sleep deprivation.
Some physicians recommend Vitamin B6 supplements and L-Phenylalanine (Phe) to elevate dopamine in the brain. Depending on the symptoms you're exhibiting, your doctor can prescribe medication that will increase your dopamine levels. However, these drugs come with a marked risk for addiction, cause a loss of dopamine by releasing more than is produced, and they can disrupt the way that your body naturally produces dopamine. This neurotransmitter regulates your mood levels, increases your attention and learning abilities and is also responsible for enhancing your personality.
Foods contain amino acids such as tyrosine that help in production of dopamine inside the body.
Animal sources: Animal sources such as fish, turkey, chicken, and poultry products are considered to be rich sources of dopamine. Vegetarian sources: There are a wide variety of vegetarian sources that would help replenish the dopamine stores.
Complex carbohydrates: Complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat and its product, pasta and brown rice help in increasing the dopamine levels. Fruits and vegetables may not be very rich in dopamine but would greatly help in preventing free radical damage that would inhibit the production of dopamine in the brain. It is therefore advised to maintain a safe distance from these foods and arrest the fall of the dopamine levels. However, in cases, when you are unwell and your body requires a dopamine boost, consult your doctor for an appropriate supplement.

Here are some different methods to boost your dopamine levels if you're feeling a little low. Dopamine has been tied to feelings of wakefulness, so in order to get that wakeful feeling, get 7 to 8 hour of sleep a night.
But for the record, there are more serious strategies you can undertake to increase your dopamine levels; however, all are solely for those who are under the care of a psychological professional.
Eating a diet rich in dopamine will help you achieve all these and would pave way for staying fit and healthy all day long.
Therefore, you should look for tyrosine rich sources that would help to build an adequate supply of dopamine. Low levels of dopamine can cause depression, addictions, loss of satisfaction, decreased sex drive, and decreased attention span, inability to focus, development of compulsions and cravings. This is so because, the latter ones give the body an instant supply of energy that may cause an elevation in the dopamine levels but would not last long. Hence it is advised, that complex carbohydrates be consumed for increasing the levels of dopamine or any other neurotransmitter. Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, peanuts and certain legumes are good store house of dopamine and help in increasing the levels.
Some other sources include avocados, lima beans and bananas that also aid in a rise in the dopamine levels.

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