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What you did is fine, but if you want the full flavor of this recipe, you have to marinate if for atleast one day but no more than three days. I’m looking for BBQ recipe, i will use your recipe for tomorrow ha, thanks for sharing. I was in the Phillipines in 75 when I was only 18, and lived on the bbq chicken from the street vendors Love it so much that I have tried to copy it for almost 35 years I would love so much to taste it again. Hello, thanks for the recipe, I tried it minus the pineapple juice (mom cooked it before I was able to add the juice) however, it still turned out delicious….

This particular recipe has been a tradition for Filipino’s when it comes to street barbecuing. I have some chicken wings and pork ribs that’s been marinating now for three days and I will grill them tonight. But now that I am married and has been away from the Philippines for 3 years now, I am missing barbecue.
Aside from the requests, it also inspired me to post this recipe to give our craving kakabayan’s that have been away from the Philippines a little trip down memory lane where street food is just a couple of steps away.

Make sure you allow the marinade to cook when using it for basting, remember this is a left over marinade.

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