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Potassium and Sodium are electrolytes that are essential to maintaining your optimal health, and are necessary for your cells to function in the body. Monitor your diet and avoid consuming excess amounts of food that are high in potassium (refer to above chart). Potassium balance is necessary to help maintain a regular heartbeat and proper muscle function. Imbalances in either Potassium or Sodium can cause serious health hazards, most importantly affecting the heart and brain. High Potassium can be fatal to your heart and can cause life-threatening arrhythmias that can alter your hearts ability to function properly.

Usually symptoms will occur when levels of electrolytes become more out of range from normal values, therefore having your Kidney Doctor monitor your blood levels on each visits will help detect early abnormalities with your potassium or sodium balances, and therefore help to treat them early on, in order to optimize your health. High levels of potassium can cause fatal heart conditions, which are dangerous to your health. It keeps the heart beating regularly, helps to maintain fluid balance, and allows the nerves and muscles to work Low Potassium Diet - Buzzle The most difficult adjustment to your diet will be finding proteins that are low in potassium. The most common two causes of high potassium in your body are a) new onset kidney failure b) eating high potassium diet, refer to chart above which indicates common foods high in potassium. Photo Credit asparagus image by cherie Low Potassium Diet - LoveToKnow Low Potassium Diet People who suffer from kidney-related ailments are advised to follow a low potassium diet.

Not only is potassium a mineral required by the body, but it can also help Low-potassium diet - UpToDate Potassium and Your CKD Diet ) .

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