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Dietitians and nutritionists provide food service and nutrition advice to promote good health and control diseases. Average Food and Nutrition Service salaries for job postings nationwide are 59% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. Average Food Nutrition Supervisor Food Nutritional Service salaries for job postings in Wellington, FL are the same as average Food Nutrition Supervisor Food Nutritional Service salaries for job postings nationwide. Food science graduate programs prepare students to apply scientific principles to the manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing and consumer areas of food.
In order to apply for admission to food science graduate programs, students must possess a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as physical or biological science. Food science master’s programs focus on the theoretical and practical aspects of the food chain.

Those with graduate degrees in food science can embark on careers such as dietician,chef, nutritionist and restaurant managers.
Graduates with a master’s degree (MS) or PhD in nutrition may become clinical nutritionists, nutrition counselors, directors of food and nutrition, nutrition and family health coordinators and more. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects employment for agricultural and food scientits to grow by 9% between 2012 and 2022.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the median annual wages of dietitians and nutritionists in 2012 was $55,240. Food science master’s programs also teach certain aspects of product development and marketing as it applies to food. Courses tend to focus on the digestion and absorption of micronutrients; nutritionists address the relationship between food and health.

These programs address everything from the production of raw materials to the use of food-related products by consumers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics nutritionists are usually required to complete several hundred hours of supervised training.
Industries populated by graduates of this program include health science, nursing, gerontology, food service and marketing.

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