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Dietetic Technicians help create menus and prepare meals for people with different food needs, such as at schools, nursing homes, hospitals, day cares, clinics or prisons.
Their duties include learning about special food needs and their relationship to health, everything from allergies to other dietary restrictions.
Culinary Careers: Jobs to Explore with a Culinary Nutrition DegreeTraditionally, good food and food that is good for you don’t necessarily go together. Besides helping offering tasty food choices, these efforts can also teach habits to reduce obesity, which is becoming a national health epidemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

You’ll learn food science but with a practical purpose – how to help establishments from hotels to retirement communities offer better fare for their guests.
Additional training in nutrition and special dietary needs can make a candidate more valuable than someone with a purely food service background.
Instead of preparing food, you could help make sure other food service establishments, food suppliers or food processors are storing and preparing food well. This position is responsible for the daily operations of a restaurant or a similar establishment, including making sure customers have a quality experience in terms of food and atmosphere, and that the back-end staff performs well.

The Food Safety Specialist can focus on different areas of food production or types of industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an Agricultural and Food Technician requires at least an associate degree and has a median wage of $34,070, while an Agricultural Inspector has a median wage of $43,630.

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