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As part of the FNH Program, you can select a major to suit your interests and professional goals. The Food, Nutrition, & Health (FNH) Program includes a number of areas of study, which span the continuum from the production and processing of food to its marketing, consumption, and impact on the health of individuals and the community.
A listing of current volunteer and paid opportunities available to students interested in food, nutrition and health. These scholarships and awards are generally awarded for academic achievement, but some may require achievement in other areas such as leadership, community service, performance in a specific course or area, or for some other specified characteristic.
PreVet Students planning to pursue a degree in veterinary science may take their pre-vet requirements in the Applied Biology - Applied Animal Biology major or in the Nutritional Sciences major in the Food, Nutrition and Health program. NOTICE: The application deadline for the LFS Dual Degree Program in Food, Nutrition and Health, and Education is January 31 at 4pm PST.

Application for admission to the Dual Degree Program must receive approval from both the Faculty of Land and Food Systems and the Faculty of Education.
Applicants must complete this application form and bring it to the LFS Student Services Office (2357 Main Mall, Room 344).
Admission at any time is conditional; maintenance of good academic standing and an average of at least 65% in each session are required throughout. Students must communicate with an advisor in the Food, Nutrition and Health Program and the Teacher Education Office annually after admission to the program to discuss their progress.
You can gain in-depth knowledge in food science, nutrition, dietetics, or food marketing, or you can tailor your education to meet your own career objectives by choosing the Food, Nutrition and Health major. Students who do not maintain a 65% average will be required to withdraw from Education, but may continue with the Food, Nutrition and Health major if their average is 50.0% or higher.

Students must satisfy all of the degree and specialization requirements for both the Food, Nutrition and Health major in the B.Sc. Initial admission is conditional upon achieving this academic level at the end of Year 2, Term 2 and on satisfactory completion of a 1-week school experience. Admission will be confirmed only after successful completion of year two and successful completion of the in-school practicum in May following second year.

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