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Whether you’re entertaining a crowd, feeding your family or simply cooking for one, chicken is a go-to dinner option, thanks to its budget-friendly nature, ease of preparation and endless versatility. 1.В Baked Sweet-and-Sour Chicken — Food Network Magazine updates the traditional deep-fried takeout dish with this quick-fix chicken (pictured above), brushed with a tangy ketchup-marmalade-ginger sauce and baked alongside bell peppers until juicy. Brush the chicken with some of the butter and sprinkle with some of the remaining ground ginger mixture. Brush the chicken with more butter, then turn skin-side down and place on the hotter side of the grill (over direct heat).
While grilled chicken may be a summertime favorite and fried chicken a comfort food classic, baked chicken is a family-friendly option year-round, no matter the occasion.

Baked Chicken Breasts with Parmesan Crust — After dunking lean chicken breasts in a mustard-thyme mixture, Ted covers them with nutty Parmesan cheese and crunchy breadcrumbs, so they turn out moist on the inside with a crispy coating on the outside after baking.
Crunchy Oven-Baked Chicken Toes — Rachael’s 25-minute alternative to chicken fingers is the ultimate in kid-friendly fare and can even be prepped with help from your little ones. Buttermilk Baked Chicken — To make sure their chicken is juicy and packed with flavor, the Neelys recommend letting it marinate in a buttermilk-hot sauce bath overnight before covering it with cheesy crushed corn flakes and baking until it’s golden brown.
You have to cook chicken on the cooler side of the grill first, and then finish it over the flames at the last minute. You douse the chicken in ground ginger and let it sit for two hours before rubbing it with even more ground ginger prior to grilling.

Check out Food Network’s top-five baked chicken dishes below to find simple supper ideas from Rachael, Giada and more of your favorite chefs. But even then we tend to start the chicken over direct flames to char the outside, and then move the chicken away from the fire.
But the end result is a perfectly fine chicken in a perfectly fine barbecue sauce, without any trace of ginger flavor, at least to our palates.

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