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Looking at other cultures untainted by the Western world, we see people eating locally grown, unprocessed food. Let's look at each of these myths more closely, starting with the current state of health and wellness and the impact of Western medicine. Imagine instead your healthcare provider sitting down with you and discussing a different -- and proven effective -- treatment plan consisting of natural, organic foods, supplements and 'superfoods'. Manufacturing technology and the massive transport of food limit our choices for healthy food selections. Even if you do choose healthy, fresh food, you're still not guaranteed of its nutrient quality. Food grown organically or sustainably in local, naturally fertilized, nutrient-rich soil is simply your best choice in food. A 2003 study in the prestigious peer-reviewed Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry revealed that fruits and vegetables grown organically or sustainably contained significantly higher levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants -- up to 58 percent higher. Of course, as I've warned my readers previously, not all certified organic foods are equal.
Seek out local farmers, food coops, farmers' markets, and community-supported programs in your area.
Eat organic or sustainably-grown, naturally fertilized foods from local farmers you trust and support. Select from a wide variety of colorful, fresh, natural whole foods, and avoid processed foods whenever possible.
My good friends James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch have created an independent, scientific-based DVD documentary titled Food Matters that explores the politics and realities of food and health care.
Why all the so-called 'cures' for everyday health issues aren't working, regardless of the billions spent in research and development. How to use the right kinds of foods and supplements to help treat chronic and serious illnesses -- even deadly cancer. Why even lightly steaming your food can be detrimental to your health and what to do instead. Whether it's turning around a serious or chronic condition or just protecting your health, I want you to have the solid information you need.
In order to get a full refund* (less shipping charges), Food Matters DVD must be returned unopened within 30 days of receipt. Lately, I have been noticing that more and more individuals are becoming conscious about what they are eating, the process it takes to get to their plate, how food affects their body as well as the impact on the environment. 4. Food Matters (2008) – This documentary focuses on how the food that we eat is helping, or hurting, our health and what we can do in order to live and eat better.
6. Fed Up (2014) – This documentary focuses on the obesity epidemic in North America, stating that the current generation of parents will be the first to outlive their own children.

That seems toВ be the centralВ question that Food Matters, a fascinating and rivetingВ documentary, asks.
It argues that we live in a world of failing health care systems, where the focus is on symptoms of disease rather that the causes of disease. The answer, in a nutshell, seems to be that there is no money in wellness, only in ill health. Food Matters is a captivating documentary that notВ necessarily tellsВ us anythingВ new but doesВ lay out the informationВ in a clear and concise manner.
Or you can head over to the Food Matters website and buy your own DVD or watchВ the documentary online by purchasing a one off viewing.
Some of the claims in this documentary, such as high doses of Vitamin C curing Cancer… are questionable. I’m a big fan of documentaries, but it bothers me when films like this take such a strong, almost cult like stance. This respected scholar believed the body had an innate ability to heal itself through food. For various reasons, four general myths abound concerning health and disease, and many people believe these myths to be true.
Big-box supermarkets line their shelves with processed foods high in sugars and starch, along with factory-farmed meat, dairy, fish, and eggs.
You want to buy from and support the 'real sources' close to home -- the people who truly care about the integrity and quality of your food. Ideally, nutrients come from a healthy, natural diet complete with all the required vitamins and minerals. Most importantly, they provide a radiant beacon of hope with steps you can do today to take control of your health and begin healing. This is such important information -- and much aligned with my personal health philosophies. There's still time to take that first -- or even fourth -- step in taking control of your health. Nothing makes me happier than seeing individuals waking up and questioning the food they consume. Forks Over Knives (2011) – This documentary is great for everyone, but especially carnivores, because it sheds light on the harmful effects the Standard American Diet is having on our society. Hungry for Change (2012) – This documentary reveals shocking secrets that the diet, weight loss and food industries use in order to keep consumers coming back for more. The food as medicine movement comes to life in through interviews with leading nutrition and natural healingВ experts, who talk about how highly processed foods, pesticides, and the how the pharmaceutical industry is affecting our health.
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (2010) – This documentary focuses on Australian native Joe Cross, whose body has been trashed by steroids, obesity and illness.

It discusses the addiction society has with food due to the heavy amounts of sugar added to our food supply. She enjoys spending time in the kitchen, creating delicious green smoothies, spending time outdoors and educating others about the health benefits behind a plant based diet. This 80 minute documentary brings together the thoughts and opinions of some of the world’s leaders in nutrition and natural healing.
They are veiling the truth and preventing you from gaining the knowledge you need to take control of your health. The most popular dining out options provide fast and even-faster-fast food devoid of any real nutritional value. This film takes a very strong anti-animal product stance when it comes to eating, promoting a whole foods, plant based diet and the amazing benefits of cutting out animal products and by-products.
This film discusses society’s addiction to food – primarily to sugar and salt – and blames these industries for getting individuals hooked on their products, despite knowing that they are extremely unhealthy. Cross documents his rigorous journey in order to regain his health, by embarking on a 60-day juice cleanse. It showcases several young teens who are facing obesity as they try to beat their addiction with food by adopting healthier diets in order to lose weight and heal the diseases they are currently facing. Lauren is an aspiring teacher, who hopes to one day bridge her love for teaching and nutrition so she can educate children and youth about the power of food. I encourage you to order a copy of Food Matters today and watch it with your friends and family. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.
Food documentaries are some of the most educational resources we have and are so easily accessible, especially because so many are featured on Netflix! It also touches on how the food we are eating is affecting the rise in various diseases such as coronary diseases, diabetes and obesity.
While on his road to recovery, Cross encounters many other individuals who are suffering from similar diseases and also helps them find their way to a healthier lifestyle. Mercola encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your health care professional before using products based on this content.

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