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FoodLovers helped me make small changes that make a difference! For instance, the very first day of my 21 Day Metabolism Makeover, I was instructed to eat every 2-3 hours whether it be a handful of grapes, crackers, or an apple.
The awesome thing I loved about this system is the fact that every single day they slowly incorporate ways to improve your metabolism.
Now I know this isn’t a huge difference, but FoodLovers gave me a gift, a gift that I will always have with me!

You simply put the foods you love, the foods you hate, and the foods you eat most often, and they make up your menu plan for the week. Well, when we eat less food and starve ourselves, the body takes the food that we do eat and stores it as fat.
Trust me this is not a diet, this is a way of getting our bodies back on track and staying on track!

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