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Selecting a fundraiser for your school can be a challenge, as there are so many options available today. Gift card sales: Working with a known provider, sell gift cards for local retailers and a portion of the proceeds will go back to your fundraising efforts.
Bingo: Organize a bingo night and participants can pay to play with an opportunity for the winners to get small prizes. Pancake breakfast: Sell tickets for a delicious breakfast hosted in the school gym one morning before school starts. Popcorn sales: Rent a popcorn machine and offer a special treat over lunch one day or at a school game or concert. Winter carnival: A team of volunteers can help to run various games and activities for students and their families to come and enjoy.
Flower or bulb sale: Sell flowers or bulbs to school families and the community to get ready for spring. Flea market: Promote a school-wide flea market where families can bring in items they want to sell from home, such as old books or toys. Car wash: Generate awareness around the community about a car wash hosted in the school parking lot.
Coupon book sale: Working with a well-known provider, sell books of coupons for local restaurants, stores and vendors, so that part of the proceeds are donated back to the school.
Silent auction: Gather donated items or create vouchers for services offered and host a silent auction in the school gym. Recycling round up: Encourage students and staff to bring in their recyclable goods from home for a charity drive.
Gift-wrapping station: Around major holidays, advertise a gift-wrapping station where parents and students can bring their unwrapped gifts and have them wrapped for a low cost. Dress down day: Ask for a specific, small donation amount for students and teachers to participate in a Dress Down Day where they can wear jeans or comfortable clothing. Fashion show: Encourage local retailers to provide clothing items that can be worn by students for a well-organized fashion show.

Multicultural fair: Showcase the many delicious foods and unique talents of your students by hosting an event where students are encouraged to share their cultural traditions with one another. Game day: Plan an afternoon of board games and indoor activities that students and teachers can sign up for in advance, and participate in a number of games around the school.
Recipe book: Have students contribute family recipes and create one school-wide recipe book. Charity ball: Host an evening event for students and the community to attend and contribute part of the proceeds going to a local charity.
Online crowdfunding: Test out an online crowdfunding platform to get donations for your cause. Live auction: Secure high priced, sentimental items to be auctioned off one evening and have guests compete for the highest bid. Parents Night Out: Plan an evening where parents can drop off their little ones for a couple hours. Your next fundraiser is sure to be a hit if you come up with the perfect fit for your group! I can not tell you enough the excitement at our school over this new way to sign-up for all our events!!!! Host your next trip meeting at a local restaurant, while earning 10-20% of the nights’ receipts for your designated 501(c)(3) charity. We were very impressed by the Scholastica staff’s swift and courteous responses to our roster changes and schedule changes due to inclement weather. Here is a list of fundraising ideas your school could consider for your next fundraising need! Consider having specific tables for each type of item to keep it organized with proceeds going to the school or charity. Encourage them to raise pledges from their families or ask for a specific donation amount (i.e. Encourage individual or team participation, and sell tickets for family and friends to watch.

Participants can walk around for a limited amount of time and put their name and offer price down on items they are interested in. Check out your local retailers for a program like this, and provide this information to parents in the summer or at the start of the school year. Think of creative incentives that you can give to people who donate, with bigger incentives for larger donations. Create a detailed list of what each student needs to bring, and plan fun activities, games or a movie for the kids to enjoy. Or, have classes out-bid one another for pizza parties, new class books, a classroom iPad and more.
Seek nail technicians, make up artists, and hair stylists to donate or discount their services to benefit your school. FlipGive is an online fundraising platform that helps people raise more money faster for their school, sports teams, club or charity. Publicize the fundraising event through school announcements, posting on your class website, signage at school or in your community, or marking the date on the school calendar.
We are not a fundraising company, but rather specialize in school group travel for groups like yourself! Ensure you have a good playlist of upbeat songs, and consider selling snacks and refreshments for additional cost. There are also organized programs that you can follow as a class with specific activities, books lists, and donation forms. We do have a great library of fundraising ideas for our travelers that you may find helpful.

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