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These are lots of great ideas for campfires, but I’m looking for new recipes to make when camping in areas in a fire ban. I really like campfire cooking with desserts being a favorite and I just included them in my post Top 10 Delicious Campfire Desserts. Kassidy our chef will be making all of these delicious recipes this weekend, while camping! I am taking 11 foster youth boys camping on July 26th and we are going to make the banana boats, mac & cheese and the quesadillas!
A container of yogurt and some sliced fruit are all you need for this light and healthy camping breakfast.

If you’ve got the time, a couple dozen of these breakfast cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction can be made ahead and used for a quick meal while enjoying the great outdoors. If you tend to be on the “don’t” side of things or are just looking for some simple early-morning meals, these no-cook camping breakfasts are perfect for your next adventure in the woods.
Layer your favorite yogurt with your favorite fruits – try peaches, strawberries, or blueberries for starters – and top it with granola for a bit of crunch.
When the campers are hungry and anxious to start the day, you can bet they’ll be ready for anything. Or, if you’ve got a crowd, try the miniature boxes in a variety pack like this  that carries a little something for everyone!

If cooking anything but hot dogs over an open fire makes you cringe, take these 8 great ideas and get your breakfast on!

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