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The Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA’s) policing of EU health claims offers a ray of light to food firms looking to use them in advertising, according to Eversheds senior partner Owen Warnock. If anyone is worried about whether their claim is likely to be acceptable, they can consult the CAP Copy Advice Team. Joint health claims made by a Dutch-made collagen, glucosamine and omega-3 based food supplement, have been kyboshed by the UK advertising watchdog. Meso-zeaxanthin may be an important pigment for eye health and protection of the eye from damaging blue light and ultra violet light. Along with other health benefits, omega-3s play a crucial role in brain support and heart health.

Pseudo nutrition supplements which don't qualify to be called fully-fledged drugs hit markets as new-age foods. But Finitri, the Dutch firm, has gone underground and the disputed claims remain on its website. Products with such wild health claims may flood Indian markets when labelling guidelines notified by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) under the Food Safety Standards Act 2006 come into effect. The list of diseases for which food companies will be allowed to make claims include coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, hypertension, osteoporosis, neural tube defects and dental caries. All that food companies will have to do is produce "appropriate scientific research and clinical studies published in scientific journals".

Consumer rights activist Bejon Misra said the objective of food labels should be to clearly communicate the contents and not confuse consumers.

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