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Over a period of six months director Grant Baldwin and producer Jen Rustmeyer ate only unopened or uneaten foods that almost exclusively came out of retail and wholesale dumpsters. And although we’re not suggesting you go out and hit the dumpsters, these less, um, messy ways to cut down on food waste will help you become a smarter shopper, eat more of those groceries you diligently buy each week, and save money. Everyone has an optimal grocery shopping method that works best, and finding yours could make the difference in how much food you end up throwing out each week. Therefore, the Canadian couple took a challenge and for 6 months kept on eating exclusively food saved from the garbage, that is expired or about to expire foodstuffs, damaged or nonstandard products.
For these reasons, the protagonists find a big amount of high quality food, and the real challenge becomes being able to eat all that food.
Americans throw out as much as 25 percent of the food and beverage they buy, which can cost a family of four an estimated $1,365 to $2,275 annually. Once the couple figured out where to look, they found the challenge shockingly easy: Unwanted food was everywhere.

We had no idea that edible food was ending up in the trash, but when we heard that 40% of food goes to landfill while there are hungry people in our backyards, it struck a chord”.
As Jenny tells us, they are convinced that the documentary can push people to rethink their habits: “We have tried to entertain audiences while also informing them, so the documentary has such power to create change. The documentary has been considered a good instrument to start a dialogue with the new generations through the project “Una Buona Occasione” (“A Good Chance”) in Italy. Those dates have no bearing on how safe a food product is to consume, so by all means, drink up that milk. Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer care about the environment and are sadly impressed by the crazy amount of food that the society throws away.
Experts evaluate that 4% of energy consumption in the US is used for the production of food that is thrown away, while the water consumption could satisfy 500 million people’s needs. Then there are abundant quantities, a wrong schedule for meals, besides gross mistakes of conservation in huge fridges full of food.

By means of this campaign aiming to prevent food waste and change incorrect behaviours in this field, CinemAmbiente has been distributing the documentary to schools. The food waste makes 40% of food production go to landfill and it represents a serious environmental, economic and moral issue.
These are the premises of Just Eat It, A Food Waste Story, a documentary which shows that living on food rejected by the society is possible.
Grant, the director, is very inspired by the cinematography of action sports films (3D photos, sliders, time-lapses, etc), so we tried to bring that type of imagery to documentary, a genre that was traditionally considered dry. Our food waste problem is the subject of Just Eat It, a documentary that premieres on MSNBC in the U.S.

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