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Based on tradition, foods of the African Heritage revolve around flavor including many herbs, spices, and homemade sauces. A patient of asthma has to be constantly mindful of allergies and foods that can cause them as well. When it comes to choosing what kind of food an asthma patient should have then most specialist tend to suggest vegetarian food rich in nutrients. Since children tend to be troublesome about eating food, they have to be made to eat on time. Since diet requirements depend on age and calorie requirement, the aged should be very careful about what they eat since an asthma attack can affect them a lot. Disclaimer: Although I hope you find it helpful, the information in this post is not a substitute for your own doctor’s medical care or advice. I discovered that the typical American diet of processed food, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors were contributing to asthma, creating record numbers of asthma in children and adults. I began compiling a working list of foods that could relieve or exacerbate asthma symptoms, and started incorporating the “good foods” into my diet.
Of course, the list below is not comprehensive, and allergies or food sensitivities may preclude you from incorporating some of the items. Note: For fish oils, my physician recommends that the gel capsules be stored in the freezer.
Note: This is added to the list because it is typically non-allergenic, and many people with multiple food allergies can still eat buckwheat. You may find that even if a food doesn’t contain the problem ingredients above, it can still exacerbate asthma symptoms. I have had asthma since I was younger, and have been vegetarian for years, but after I went vegan and try to limit gluten (okay, I just get the gluten free pasta, but I still eat bread) I rarely use my inhaler and stopped taking asthma medicine completely.

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Doctors too agree that any kind of physical activity is essential to keeping those asthmatic attacks at bay. Since they burn off food faster than adults their food should have carbohydrates and proteins and less fat. I do find that my symptoms are lessened when I avoid the wrong foods and add in the right foods, but the asthma hasn’t disappeared, by any means. For example, I notice an immediate shortness of breath if I eat spicy buffalo-wing-style pretzels, even though they don’t contain artificial food colorings or other red-flag ingredients.
Every year, about 250,000 people die from this disease throughout the world and these numbers are growing alarmingly. It was only when he consulted Dr Rajiv Chhabra, head, pediatrics and neonatal intensivist unit from Artemis Health Institute and began on the allopathic medications and lifestyle changes advocated by him that Ritwik's health improved.'Ritwik was obese and this aggravated his problem so the doctor put him on a new diet coupled with loads of physical activity intended to improve an asthmatic condition,' says Phull.
After struggling for the last 25 years with asthma attacks and going through several kinds of treatment, she is of the opinion that lifestyle changes are a must if you want to tackle any disease, asthma specifically.
Children should not be fed the same thing everyday as a healthy food can be disliked if it becomes regular.
Asthma medication and its effect on medication for other problems should be understood and your physician should be updated on your status regularly. I eat mostly fruits and vegetables, and I I have zero tolerance for saturated fat in any form or presentation, and still can't get rid of acne.
My pulmonologist, on the other hand, is more neutral on the topic of dietary changes, but agrees that anything that reduces symptoms appears to be a good thing.
Food allergies are one of the biggest problems that an asthma patient has to be constantly mindful.

But then you shouldn’t give in to their needs for food which can cause allergy or which you are not sure of. If the food is too heavy then it can lead to congestion in the chest and trigger an asthma attack. Lack of enough food can also weaken the body and for diabetics this can result in change of sugar levels which can effect asthma medication. Homeschooling, bacon-eating, coffee-drinking southern girl with a flair for liturgical feasts and a penchant for bright red lipstick.
If the consumed food does not satisfying hunger then it can lead to acidity which can again trigger an attack.
Dr Chhabra feels that one of the biggest mistakes parents make is to stop an asthmatic child from playing outdoors. It was only when she began walking for half an hour daily and doing some yoga that her condition improved. About ten per cent of children are also asthmatic compared to five per cent of adults,' says Dr PC Kathuria, senior consultant, asthma and allergy, BLK Superspeciality hospital.Blame it on lifestyle The spurt in the incidence of asthma can be blamed on the rising levels of vehicular and industrial pollution, construction related pollutants, air-borne triggers and extensive exposure to sprays. But it requires patience and discipline as it's tough for a working women to stick to any schedule. It is generally ignored till it reaches a chronic stage,' says Dr Vivek Nangia, Additional Director and HOD, Pulmonology, Fortis hospital.

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