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I have a number of college textbooks on my shelf that I use as references: basic biology, physics, chemistry. I’ve just added another to the shelf, and I’ll probably be consulting it more than all the others combined. Frustrated with the existing nutrition textbooks, WSU nutrition scientists Michelle (Shelley) McGuire and Kathy Beerman decided to write their own. So McGuire and Beerman approached the publisher who publishes the top-selling text, which at the time was in its 36th year and 12th edition. They started writing that better nutrition text in 2004 and have been working on it ever since. The book covers “nutrition” from every angle, including, for example, a brief but excellent explanation of how photosynthesis captures energy from sunlight and transfers it to chemical bonds of glucose. Want a curriculum inspired by the same love of wholesome, traditional foods that you find in the cookbook Nourishing Traditions, the work of Weston A.

I've been homeschooling my 5 kids for 18 years, and I've long wished for a way to present Nutrition to them that would support my own Nourishing Traditions inspired beliefs. Before this book, we had to create our own Nutrition hodge podge from stuff off the internet and Nourishing Traditions.
I'm looking for a Nutrition curriculum to help teach my two oldest about exactly why raw milk and dairy can be so healing, why the food we get from our local farmers is more nutrient-dense and worth the premium, why returning to local and organic foods represents better stewardship of the land.
It's about time someone taught Nutrition in a way that acknowledged how we need to take care of the soil to grow nutrient-rich produce, about time they stood up against new-fangled industrially-made refined cooking oils in favor of the traditional cooking fats of our ancestors.
This is no stale read full of boring facts, but an intensely readable collection of essays blending my zeal for Real Food with my passion for Nutrition. The result, Nutritional Sciences: From Fundamentals to Food (Thomson Wadsworth), was recently released in its second edition. We're very excited to see a Nutrition book that actually highlights the benefits of raising animals according to natural principles rather than industrial ones.

I know first hand the difference in quality and nutrition between eggs from hens raised indoors and those from hens who are out to pasture!
But I have read the sections on carbohydrates, the pH scale, and other subjects—and filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge.
Beerman specializes in dietary practices of college students and the effects of isoflavones on health parameters—immune response, thyroid function, memory, and metabolic profile—in postmenopausal women.
TheВ processВ could revolutionize food preservation and lead the way to gourmet backpacker food,В deluxe meals for astronauts,В tasty MREsВ for soldiers, and longer-lasting food for humanitarian missions.
McGuire’s research involves breastfeeding and linoleic acid, an essential omega-6 fatty acid, which is of course covered thoroughly in Nutritional Sciences.

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