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The Food & Nutritional Sciences double major allows you to combine an interest in nutrition and food science – giving you the best of both worlds. This degree can prepare you for any number of careers in the food and nutrition sectors including: Food Product Development Technician, Food Analysis Technician, Quality Assurance Technician or Manager, HACCP Coordinator, Microbiology Technician, Food Processing Specialist Inspector, Food Laboratory Manager, or Consumer Product Officer. The application to the Food & Nutrition double major requires you to submit a letter of intent with your application. This information will be kept confidential, and used only for evaluation of the application. Successful nutritionists tend to be well-organized, with good planning skills and self-discipline. The programs available in nutrition and food science are as diverse as the career paths that follow. The junior and senior years of a bachelor's degree program consist of more in-depth study of the food sciences.
All this training produces a professional who is capable of creating high quality, safe, and nutritious foods from natural materials.
Nutritionists and dietitians work in a variety of environments, including private practices, public health clinics, public and private schools, universities and colleges, hospitals, correctional facilities, and nursing care facilities.
Usually found in community and public health clinics, community dietitians focus on educating their constituents about how diet affects health. Food processors work in food processing plants to ensure that the food that reaches the grocery stores and restaurants we frequent each day is safe as possible. Nutritional consultants work with individuals and companies, recommending certain courses of dietary action to promote health through the absorption of nutrients by the body. Focusing on the dietary and nutritional needs of children, pediatric dietitians can be self-employed or work for a school or children's hospital. As you can see, the careers available for individuals holding a degree in nutrition and food science are varied and numerous. While licensure varies from state to state, it is helpful to register and be licensed by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR), part of the ADA (American Dietetic Association). Member of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE), and the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE). Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), one of six regional accrediting associations that accredit public and private colleges and universities in the United States.

Learn the science and application of principles of nutrition and food preparation and science. HESC - Hospitality and Restaurant Management students who exemplify high standards, demonstrate leadership abilities and have enthusiasm for learning. HESC major- up to three scholarships may be awarded each year - one each to a resident of Washington, Benton or Franklin counties. You can also further your studies by pursuing a Masters or Ph.D in Human Nutrition or Food Science. The CDC reports that a 33.8 percent of American adults and 17% of children were overweight in 2008, leading to a rise in diabetes, heart disease and other life-threatening conditions.
In addition, they are sincerely interested in human health and well-being, and compassionate toward those with health problems. Working professionals, such as registered nurses or experienced dietitians, may choose to earn a certificate in nutrition and food science to further their careers. During their course of study, students will move from the basics of food science into the microbiology, processing, and chemistry of food. The student must have a good basic knowledge of the general biology and chemistry involved in the food sciences, or he won't be able to keep up. She knows how to plan, produce, market, and distribute these products, all with a keen eye toward safety and nutrition.
Also, more private corporations are hiring dietitians to supervise and plan the menus for their company cafeterias, to help maintain the health of their staff. These dietitians create and manage meal programs for individuals and groups, based on their nutritional needs. They counsel families on planning nutritional meals, and tailoring meals to specific health needs. If working out of a private practice, pediatric dietitians work with parents to develop dietary programs for their children to promote health and fight disease, particularly in children with diabetes or renal disorders. Obtaining a degree in nutrition and food science, whether it is from a traditional on-campus program or through an accredited online or distance learning program, can help you get in on the ground floor of a diverse, exciting, and ever-growing industry. This certification helps insure that you are a competent practitioner, and can be necessary or even essential when attempting to obtain state licensure. In this major, students are eligible to apply forВ IFT, orВ Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST)В scholarships.

Nutrition and food science experts enjoy helping people lead healthier lives through a balanced diet. But, if you are a working professional or someone who has to take care of a family, you may want to consider one of the many accredited online degree programs in nutrition and food science. Bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in health and nutrition are all available online and on-campus. Applied math, such as statistics and agricultural marketing principles, are also usually covered during this time.
These companies offer the competitive wages and benefits that many public sector jobs lack. They also report their findings to the management, and discuss possible courses of action with other healthcare professionals. This includes everything form planning the grocery list to how the food itself is prepared to maximize nutritional value. Pediatric dietitians working for a school or children's hospital create general and individual meal plans for students or patients, depending on the needs of the institution.
Certificate programs also exist for nutrition professionals wishing to specialize in a particular aspect of the field.
Coupled with more intensive laboratory study in food technology and agricultural processes, these last two years can be very demanding indeed. They may also supervise the preparation of the food, as well as oversee the entire food service department of the institution.
Both careers involve working closely with individuals or communities to plan and supervise the preparation of healthy meals, whether in the context of an individual practice or a large institution such as a school or hospital.
Some clinical nutritionists and dietitians make a career out of managing the food service departments of large institutions, such as hospitals, nursing care facilities, schools, or correctional facilities.

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