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The third annual FNCEВ® Tweet-Up, which took place October 20 in Houston, was a wonderful opportunity forFood & Nutrition Magazine contributors, Stone Soup bloggers, Academy Spokespeople and other members of our community to meet, greet and have fun!
This book uses questionnaires to help readers identify which hormones should be “rebalanced” and features 14-day meal plans targeting their “trouble” hormone. Work out, earn points and play games as exercise becomes playtime with Atari Fit's gamified global fitness app. Either way, a nutritious, balanced diet is both energizing and satisfying, and these global morning meal favorites make delicious dishes anytime, day or night. Combine chickpeas, yogurt, cumin, lemon juice, cinnamon, sea salt and milk in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. A play on the traditional Southern fish and grits breakfast, this dish is packed with aromatic vegetables, baked instead of fried, and takes flavor to the next level with smoked Gouda cheese. Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD, is a nutrition consultant based in Atlanta and adjunct faculty at Georgia State University.
Add red bell pepper and spicy pepper, cooking another 3-4 minutes or until peppers begin to soften.
Cover shakshuka and simmer about 10 minutes or until whites of eggs are set and egg yolk is almost cooked through.
To make sauce, whisk ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, rice vinegar, honey, coconut aminos (or soy sauce) and ginger in a small saucepan. No longer just a food preservation method, smoking adds variety and versatility to your recipe repertoire.
From Grandma's pantry to restaurant menus, fermented foods are hitting their stride in mainstream food trends.
Fat-, sodium- and cholesterol-free, citrus fruits are one of the best sources of vitamin C – an antioxidant and key nutrient for collagen production and healthy immune function.
Native to China, these little gems of the citrus family are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C. A good source of fiber and potassium, vitamin C-rich oranges range from Valencia and navel varieties to the more rare Cara Cara and anthocyanin-rich blood oranges.
Native to East Asia, yuzu’s unique sour flavor complements sweeter seafood like scallops and is commonly used in raw preparations like sashimi or ceviche.

Contributing editor Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD, is a food and nutrition consultant and adjunct instructor at Georgia State University.
Served with a fresh garden salad and crusty bread to sop up the spicy broth, steamed claims become an easy, yet elegant main dish. Turmeric, that warm, bitter spice with a golden color, is a common ingredient in curry dishes, mustards and cheeses. I took a deep breath and watched several YouTube videos before tackling the first cooking episode. Born from the founder's popular Instagram community of almost 1 million followers, Fit Men Cook is a healthy recipe app with a focus on meal prep and fitness in the kitchen. While the book does contain a few accurate facts, they are nestled between pages riddled with misinformation and cynicism. If you’re a member, simply download the free app and enter the email address associated with your membership to gain access. You can now buy a subscription to the digital edition of our magazine to access award-winning food, nutrition and health content published by the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. Drizzle with pomegranate sauce, or top with tahini and chopped vegetables such as cucumber, onion, carrot and cabbage.
Serve with honey and a side salad of grapefruit wedges mixed with pomegranate seeds, bananas and grapes — or serve with pomegranate syrup. While the original recipe called for evaporated milk and lemon juice, this version includes reduced-fat Greek yogurt and plenty of fruit and oats.
Cook at least 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until shakshuka is thick and flavorful (it should be the consistency of a thin pasta sauce). This vegetarian version uses gluten-free oat flour mixed with vegetables and fried in small batches to form tasty, nutrient-dense fritters. Kaffir limes’ edible leaves and notably sour juice are well-suited for savory dishes and are commonly used in Thai cuisine.
Whether using citrus pulp, juice or zest, the acidity enhances and helps bring out other flavors in both sweet and savory dishes.
An excellent source of fiber and vitamin A, one cup of pink grapefruit provides over 100 percent of Daily Value of vitamin C. Whether using the pulp, juice or zest, this kitchen staple delivers flavor and balance to both sweet and savory dishes.

Rich in vitamin C with just eight calories per ounce, the juice is a sour base for beverages and a flavor enhancer for savory dishes. With a sweet, mild flavor, one cup of pummelo delivers almost double the Daily Value of vitamin C and provides folate. Sweet, sour and easy to peel, vitamin C-rich tangerines are perfect eaten out of hand or segmented and served in savory or sweet dishes and even paired with dark chocolate. Most often used in juice form, yuzu is a key ingredient in Japanese ponzu sauce and goes well with caramel, grapefruit and green tea. This relative of the lily offers low-calorie, fat-free flavor and a helping of health boosters.
There are literally hundreds of chili pepper varieties ranging in all sizes, shapes and colors.
Cover and simmer, stirring occasionally, until grits are creamy and tender (about 20 minutes). Add onion, garlic and other ½ teaspoon of salt, cooking until onions are translucent.
With characteristically loose skin, mandarin oranges like Satsumas and Clementines are easy to peel and perfect for little hands and lunch boxes.
An ideal complement to seafood and chicken dishes, citrus can also be used to brighten marinades, vinaigrettes and desserts. The fragrant leathery rind is commonly candied and used in fruitcake and other sweets, pickled or eaten raw with rice. While often candied or pickled, sliced fresh kumquats are used to thicken sauces and are commonly paired with roasted meats as a chutney.
Incredibly versatile, lemons have an affinity for berries, cream and honey as well as seafood and garlic.
Commonly used in Mexican, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, lime pairs well with strawberries, tropical fruits and seafood.
Divide the mixture into 8 equal parts (about ¾ cup each) and shape into eight 3-inch cakes.

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