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5% of children under the age of four have a food allergy, compared to only 2% of adults that have food allergies. Kids with food allergies is when the child has an adverse reaction to eating a particular food, and is caused by the body’s immune system over reacting to something in the food or drink, the reaction is often immediate, and can include a itchy rash or itchy mouth, swelling, coughing or wheezing similar to asthma, headache, vomiting or stomach ache.
However, pregnant mothers who have a food allergy are advised to avoid the cause of their food allergy while pregnant and while breast feeding as this may make the baby sensitive to the same trigger. Is a life threatening allergic reaction to a food (or a sting) which can occur from eating, drinking or just touching a particular food.
Description: This is a web site for kids to find out more about food allergies, play games and activities. Description: Kids With Food Allergies is a nonprofit food allergy support group dedicated to optimal health, nutrition, and the well being of children with food allergies.

Check out our recipes, leave a comment, or share your experiences with other mothers in our forum if your child has kids food allergies. Being diagnosed with food allergies can change almost every part of your and your family’s lives, depending on the number of allergies and the severity of the reaction.Social gatherings, holidays, and traveling can become sources of anxiety rather than times joy. Visit the Recipe Section at the Top of the Page!Share Your Favorite Allergy Friendly Recipes, Click Here to Contact Us!
I started this site in February 2012 almost a year after discovering my nephew had Food Allergies. We appreciate you for visiting our site! The Food Allergies Blog helps keep you up to date on new recipes and articles to assist you with living with allergies.
Healthy drink recipes perfect for anytime of the day, have as a healthy breakfast or dessert!

The web site is a great resource for children to ask questions and share stories about their food allergies.
The web site includes recipes, resources, and allergy information for kids with food allergies and their parents. A lot of processed foods may have traces of nuts in them, so it is advisable to read the labels carefully if your child has a nut allergy.

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