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My mother, a registered nurse who worked on a spina bifida study for years, encouraged me to take prenatal vitamins with an additional folic acid supplement.
We already knew that folic acid supplementation beginning before pregnancy and continuing into the first trimester helps prevent serious birth defects of the brain and spinal cord, such as spina bifida.
SO ABSOLUTELY if you can, take the prenatal vitamins and the folic acid supplements religiously..
As a dietary supplement, adults take one (1) tablet daily with meals or as directed by a health care professional.

The authors state that folic acid supplementation around the time of conception resulted in a lower risk for autism in the children in this study sample.В  The authors also state that the findings of their study support the continued use of folic acid supplementation in pregnancy.
Folic acid has long been credited with helping to prevent birth defects, including spina bifida.
Bukowski’s research makes us optimistic that taking folic acid for at least one year before pregnancy also may greatly reduce the risk of premature birth. So I started taking a multi-vitamin and then at my next 'yearly' I asked my Gyno about it and she said yes that I should be taking one.So I take a 'one-a-day' that has 100% recommended folic acid in it.

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