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To reinforce these motivating factors, the Flat Belly Diet Cookbook gives us another strategy called visualization to reinforce commitment to change. The Flat Belly Diet Cook for Dummies is an excellent resource for those seeking to follow a healthier eating pattern. This entry was posted in Cookbook, Dinner, For Dummies, Giveaways, Lunch and tagged burger, coconut, Flat Belly Cookbook, For Dummies, main course, mango, Tara Giadus, Turkey by Amanda Vaughn. While the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are hopefully well known by now, there’s another region that got it right when it come to healthy eating.

Picture yourself taking victory in defying these health hijackers.  Maybe it’s calling a friend, going for a walk or finding a healthy alternative to a comfort food. Then I keep track of what I do each day toward that end, even if it was simply walking for 20 minutes, on a sheet of paper by the bathroom mirror so I can see my progress every morning and night.
I find I succeed the best at eating healthy when I have meals planned out for the week and have some prepared in advance that I can freeze or cook up quickly on those busy days. The Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies emphasizes the importance of identifying some inner motivators.

For me that means I need to plan meals ahead of time for the week and slice up vegetables to have as snacks throughout the week so they’re easy to grab.

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