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All high quality omega 3 sources help you lose weight and avoid an essential fatty acid deficiency, but you should know that most sources of omega 3 oils contain omega 6 as well.
And, as you might recall from our discussion on omega three fatty acids, the SAD (Standard American Diet) contains 4-5 times more omega 6 than a healthy diet should.If you are like most people, you too get too much omega 6 in relation to omega 3 fatty acids. But today, dangerous pollutants like mercury (a heavy metal that affects the development and function of the brain), industrial chemicals like dioxin, PCB (Poly-Chlorinated-Biphenyl), toxaphene and the pesticide DDT (Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane), are present in alarmingly high quantities in most fatty fish.
Well, not so fast.You should know that most vegetarian sources of omega 3 contain only the fatty acid ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), the precursor of the omega 3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which are found in fish and seafood, and which your body actually requires for good health. So if you're still taking fish oil you may want to upgrade to krill oil as the best option for omega 3 sources. Regular consumers have started using the word ‘pharmaceutical grade fish oil’.  But it’s a phrase that has been used by the folks in the fish oil industry for a long time. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil should be similar in potency and purity as prescription fish oil, Lovaza. Now that Lovaza has given us a pharmaceutical ruler to measure Omega-3 content by, we have an unofficial definition for what pharmaceutical grade fish oil should be.
Esterification and concentration allows highly concentrated Omega-3 to be consumed by the masses. If you accept that fish oil supplements are far inferior to eating fish itself, then to worry about winterizing and antioxidants etc is besides the point. Hi Pamela – beside fish oil, it contains bovine gelatin, palm glycerin, enteric coating made from seaweed and a very small quantity of Vitamin E from soy.

Our goal is to provide a product for people who are not going to eat wild fish regularly and they admit it. People who admit to not eating fish and who wish to maintain a good Omega-3 status with the fewest number of pill, will require concentrated Omega-3 in its ethyl ester form or rTG form. Not all fish oil is created equal - it has to be very high quality - molecularly distilled fish oil - usually called "pharmaceutical grade".
Unfortunately some people still try to sell their fish oil as pharmaceutical grade although there is no official or approved such term. I ALWAYS wondered, what the heck does that mean and AFAIK, there is no entry of fish oil monograph in any pharmacopoeia.
It’s the reality of taking a fish that lived 7,000 miles away and putting its oil in a pill that sits conveniently on a shelf without going rancid to be taken when needed. As I know, I didn’t find the direct comparison between 80-90% and 30% fish oil in this article. That would be preferable to 5 or 10 mins before…the process of ingesting other fats will trigger release of lipase enzymes to digest the Omega-3.
This is what allows people to get as much Omega-3 as possible with the fewest number of pills. The fishy odor of fish oils is mostly a by-product of oxidation of EPA and DHA into aldehydes and a few other smelly compounds. Primarily because of its better absorbability and potency - felt in the body as well as stated on the labels (higher omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, DHA and Astaxanthin content in EFA Icon Krill Oil) - which means you get more omega-3s for your buck.

You are MUCH better off eating fish 3 or 4 times a week and cutting back on sugars and starches to control your health.
Molecular distillation of fish oil is a well-practiced science – this is not where most of the rancidity occurs. Even with all my preaching, I don’t eat salmon 4X a week, so I take fish oil supplements. All fish oils found in supplements are so far removed from fish, especially the rTG oils, that this becomes an exercise in semantics.
In fact, the salmon's characteristic red color is due to a very beneficial antioxidant found in krill, astaxanthin (don't be fooled by the intense color of farmed salmon - it's just artificial coloring).You may or may not have heard about krill oil, but the latest research comparing krill oil to fish oil is impressive.
OmegaVia EPA 500 already uses this advanced technology and our customers are very pleased with it.
Mainly because of the higher absorbability of krill oil in the body; the omega 3 in krill oil is bonded to phospholipids (rather than to triglycerides in fish oil), which makes it more easily absorbed by our body.

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