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Parents of children in my pediatrics practice often ask me what to give their babies and toddlers when they get tired of the baby “mush”. Soft cooked vegetables– Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, string beans and other veggies are great foods for babies when cooked. Sweet Potatoes– Instead of the mushy baby food version, dice or cut into strips and roast lightly with a spray of olive oil until softened. My son is 13 months and we are having alot of trouble getting him to take any consistency of food other than purees. This recipe was features on our latest Children's Cookery Day as a healthy treat for Easter and Mother's Day.
This recipe is taken from one of my recipe books “Nourish: Cancer Care” written with the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre. Some of the best healing recipes are the simplest - they are not new or fancy but could transform your health. If you are serious about supporting your immune health and improving overall energy levels then adding traditionally fermented foods to your diet is a must.

Raw or dehydrated, this beautiful and fun finger food is full of DHA Omega 3, fiber, vitamin C, as well as antioxidants.
By combining these two power foods, your baby will benefit from DHA Omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin B12, calcium, and protein.
We all know kids love simple sandwiches, and these Almond Butter and Blackberry Jam ones combine protein, fiber, DHA Omega 3, iron, folate, and other good things into Baby’s snack. Although salt and extra sugar is not necessary, try lightly seasoning foods with cinnamon, pepper, garlic powder, fresh or dried herbs. Multiple exposures to food are often necessary for children to develop a liking to a new food (in many cases, 12-15 times!) Try blending a food that a child doesn’t like with another food they like to get them use to it.
Always supervise new eaters when they are eating finger foods, even foods they are used to. Ideal for children whether for a breakfast option or snack they are also crammed with nutrients to support fertility health too making them the perfect treat for couples trying for a baby.
As Baby gets older, add a bit of soy sauce to make it more savory and introduce a new flavor.

At around 9 months kids become able to feed themselves but not all will be ready for all types of textures and finger foods. I am cheating slightly by using a jar of caramelised onions in the mixture but it does make a fabulous store cupboard ingredient for so many recipes. This recipe is taken from my book Top 100 Finger Food Recipes and is a big hit with parents and children alike.
Mika Shino — a mom who’s passionate and knowledgeable about food and nutrition — was kind enough to share the Top 10 Brain Foods with me in December. We use this trick in our preschool camps and it works just great (the that case the kids put the food in their own mouths!) Be patient as you introduce new tastes and textures, keep trying and if you feel you are not making headway then ask your pediatrician for a referral to a Pediatric Feeding Specialist (SLP who specializes in feeding).

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