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WHY GET ALL DRESSED UP AND GO OUT FOR A GREAT MEAL WHEN ALOHA ROOM SERVICE CAN BRING ONE TO YOUR FRONT DOOR! Like most long distance Amtrak trains, a variety of tickets are available, from seats at one end of the train, to roomettes (max two people) and rooms (max six) at the other end. However, a big drawback to the romance is the toilet located smack in each room, only hidden behind a partition in the larger rooms.
At the center of the train are a lounge car, with drinks, snacks, and light meals, and a dining car with full meal service. Meals in the dining car are included for those staying in rooms, extra for those in the seats.

According to the conductor, Amtrak is planning to update these cars and get rid of the toilets in the roomettes (as on the Auto Train and City of New Orleans), but the timeline for this is unclear. Orlando brings a major change; with formerly empty seats and quiet rooms suddenly occupied with families heading home from Disney.
After that it’s back down to the dining car for breakfast (again, included if you bought a room, extra if you’re in the seats), maybe a stop in the shower stall to freshen up, then a brief couple of hours until you’re home.
Long before it was fashionable for men and women to be seen dining in public together, they dined "out" in private rooms. For those traveling in a roomette, prepare to step out of the room or get to know your travel companion in a whole new way.

Personal chefs traveled with their employers, serving them in battlefields, summer retreats, foreign lands, and voyages. Those attaining "Yuppie" status freely spent their newly acquired wealth on expensive goods and premium services. Tea rooms, ice cream parlors and department store restaurants catered exclusively to female clientele.

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