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Click the button below to add the Omron Scale - HBF-510W Fat Loss Monitor Scale and BMI Scale to your wish list.
Get the Omron fat loss monitor with scale now $10 off for only $34.99 now at Costco Canada online. I am actually looking for a new scale after my kids used mine as a trampoline and this deal really stuck out to me.

The only caveat is that this scale only goes up to 330 pounds, and the age range for calculating body fat is from 20 to 79 years old, so not good for teenagers or seniors.
The reviews are good for this product, stating that Omron is a reliable brand and that the accuracy of the scale and body fat percentage is right on.
Not only is this a scale, but it monitors body fat percentage, which is the true indicator of healthy weight loss.

The entire family can use this scale with the ability to create four personal profiles with previous measurement results saved.

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