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The name of the book comes from prioritizing food so the most important actions for fat loss happen first in the week.
If you’re looking for a Christmas present for a fitness buff or looking for fat loss yourself, buy this for Christmas. You might think the book must contain a kick-ass HIIT style workout on every Monday, but the truth is the most important thing you can do for fat loss is buy the right food and prepare it for later in the week. Just like we use constant progress in the gym, Josh uses this approach for diet and fat loss.

If you’re an experienced strength trainer you may not find anything new here, but this book is about weight loss, not cutting-edge training plans. Starting the week with the most important job ensures it’s easier to follow the fat-loss system all the way through the week. In other words, think of Josh Hillis as the fat-loss version of Dan John’s sensible, simple training plans.
And when it comes to fat loss and the training that goes with it, there are so many conflicting ideas.

The people who are successful in their fat loss journey are those who slip up a bit less each time until they become their goal.

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