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Hot innovation from Aroma вЂ“ a new warming, slimming, reducing circumference in problem areas and melting fats, anti-cellulite cream gel with concentrated oil from pink berries - Pink pepperslim!
Pink Pepperslimв„ў is a powerful fat burner which accelerates blood circulation and metabolism of fat cells. Reduces the amount of fats (Pre - lipolytic process) - converts macro accumulation of fat depots in micro ones and prepares them for subsequent degradation.

Degradation of fats (Lipolytic process) - accelerates the breakdown of fats to fatty acids which easily leave the body. Cooling Cellulite Reducing cream-gel Aroma is a product, created to fight cellulite and feeling of h.. For best results and maximum slimming effect, apply the warming anti-cellulite cream-gel Aroma HOT Body Slim before every training.

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