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How To Cook The Perfect White Basmati (Indian Rice)   Long grain Indian Basmati rice is a little different from the typical white rice. Here’s another deliciously easy and affordable fat free recipe that you and your family will love. Fat free vegan cooking is really easy, once you know how to skip the oil and prepare delicious home cooked meals that taste just as good if not better without the extra grease and calories.
You can also try yellow split peas, but it won’t really be an Indial dal, but more an Indian spiced split pea soup. Feel free to try using other lentils, but you will need to cook your dal much longer as whole lentils will take twice as long to cook. Chana dal is used in East India and is widely available at Indian markets, bulk dry good sections at the health food store or ethnic market and online. If serving this to guests unfamiliar with Indian curries, you may want to take out all of the pieces of cinnamon stick, bay leaves, cardamom pods and cloves before serving.

You may want to serve this as a side dish, or even as a main meal with rice or Indian flat bread. Thanks for the recipe; I use red lentils, onion, garlic, turmerick, garam masala, chutney and extra chilli, it always goes down a treat. It’s inspired from a delicious Indian soup from a local restaurant we like, and I tried to make my own version at home. Like many Indian foods the names of dishes are phonetic so often you will see similar spellings of dal such as dhal or dahl.
I make this recipe often when I’m looking for a quick dish and I always keep onions, tomatoes and red lentils on hand for just such an occasion. I prefer using split red lentils over regular whole brown lentils for this recipe as they are lighter and smoother tasting. Since we’re going for oil free methods of cooking however, all of the ingredients are combined and cooked together in water instead.

What’s nice about this dish is you can take this basic recipe and change it up with different spices, add more or omit the chilies depending how spicy you like it and use it as a thick stew as it is or a curry to serve over rice. After two more hours on high it was still not cooked all the way and there was WAY too much water (I used 7 cups, as per the recipe). Although these lentils look similar to yellow split peas, they are not the same, so this recipe will taste best if you use yellow split lentils instead of yellow split peas.

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