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You'll keep up to date with new recipes and old ones you might have forgotten when you subscribe to NewsBites, the new FatFree Vegan newsletter. Even though I may choose to use eggs in some of my dishes, my dishes can be effortlessly modified to suit vegans. Wow Susan, while the recipe looks great, I am in awe of the endless beautiful dished your food is always pictured in!
The eggplant and chickpea curry was so tasty that I plan to go back and check out your other Indian recipes.
When I heard that a food blogging conference was taking place in the state just next door, I was intrigued.
This is my first time posting on your blog although I’ve been a silent follower for a LONG time! We have been fat free vegans for approx 6 months now and I don’t think we would have made the transition as easily without your website and recipe index.
Before I get to the recipe, I want to thank you for the huge outpouring of support after my last post. I think my nostalgia over childhood Halloween parties is why I like to set up little scenes around my Halloween recipes. Making a big batch of hummus is my Sunday night routine because we pack cups for veggies in our lunches throughout the week. Though it has only 116 calories, this salad is higher in fat than most of my others because of the peanut butter and sesame oil. I made a similar recipe and subbed PB2 for the peanut butter to save fat calories since I also used sesame oil. Susan, thanks for your always-great, always-reliable recipes; I’ve printed and used so many!! Unfortunately I don’t have a book at this time, but you can print all the recipes you like right from this blog. Susan has some wonderful recipes, fabulous website and most of her recipes, I believe, would be considered McDougall safe.

I recently found a really great eggplant dish after years of trying awful baingan bharta recipes. I find, on a vegan diet at least, that it all amounts to about the same amount of food in the end as I was eating on the older plan– the values and the targets are just different. I freeze chunks of fresh ginger which I then take out and grate with a microplane grater and it works a treat (often easier than when it is fresh).
You would think I’d have so many that I would need to freeze some of them, but they disappeared very quickly.
While I generally enjoy the commercial meat substitutes, they are typically so processed and contain so much fat that I usually only allow them about once a month. Your canned beets would be cooked, which would cause all kinds of problems with this recipe. So in the interest of avoiding self-incrimination, let’s just say that a certain blogger may have talked her daughter into going with her on a moss mission. After 35 minutes of pressure cooking and 10 of waiting for the pressure to come down, the chickpeas are very soft and perfect for any recipe that requires them to be blended or mashed. I also like having slightly higher fat sauces with noodles like these because it brings everything together – and the vegetable base keeps it light and fresh.
I added it to my wedding registry (and if we don’t get it, I think I will have to buy one for myself for all those delicious summer veggies when we get home from our honeymoon). I’m always happy when people share the right way, with a link rather than copying my recipe. Any excuse to buy a new kitchen gadget and I am on it…saw this recipe and it sound yummy, and boy is it.
Susan, showcasing your recipe in such gorgeous china tempts me to go shopping – perhaps in India someday.
Besides a couple of Beetball and Spaghetti dinners (tofu shirataki noodles for me), both D and I enjoyed Beetball Sandwiches (pickles and loads of hot sauce on mine), and twice I made Beet-zzas–both regular and pita pizzas with Beetballs and assorted veggies. You should be able to leave it out of most recipes with no problem, though you should avoid those that use it for most of their flavor, like cheesy sauces.

I’ve written positively about his latest book, The Starch Solution, and posted a recipe from it. I’m off to a a 2nd experiment with rhubarb crisp the first being an unmitigated flop and turning to one of your bar recipes to help salvage the sauce. Unfortunately, some recipes include eggs which would determine for me where I travel on the web in search of recipes. This particular conference left me super-charged because I was able to spend time not only with Kathy but also with two other vegan bloggers, Heather of Better With Veggies and Katie Cain of Bistro Katie. They’re made with whole grains and seeds, not a lot of processed stuff, but because of that, they have a good bit of naturally occurring fat.
Dinner out with them at the vegan-friendly Bottletree Cafe was one of the highlights of the weekend. Thank you for the blog comments, Facebook messages, emails, phone calls, and even gifts you’ve sent.
And on a personal level, being holed up in front of a TV or computer screen has made me more sedentary than usual and less inclined to pry myself away and create a new recipe. The ongoing suffering that egg laying hens endure (including cage free) by having humans steal from their bodies cannot justify consumption of eggs, especially at a time in history where a variety of plant food is still readily available.
Every variation I tried produced balls that held their shapes and tasted slightly meaty, but in the end the ingredients and seasonings I liked best are reflected in the recipe below.
Gifted vegan food authors like Susan show us how easy it is to create fresh, delicious, healthy meals and desserts minus the suffering of other sentient beings.
Although I have simpler fare planned for tonight, now I’m going to have to extend the celebration and make myself some of these beetballs and gluten free spaghetti.

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