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In my constant pursuit to find healthy Chocolate recipes, I decided to try the South Beach Diet’s Mocha Ricotta Creme.
Mix together the ricotta, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and sugar substitute in a dessert bowl. I do something similar with fat free Greek yogurt (smoother and thicker than ricotta) and Scharffen Berger cocoa powder.
I have made this many times and if you are looking for something creamier without using Greek yogurt, try tossing this recipe in the blender or food processor.

11:58am Sat 8th August, 2015I have made this recipe on a few different occasions and it is a real hit. 09:53am Thu 25th September, 2014I have made this on three occasions and everyone (in excess of 12 different people) have loved it, raving about it and wanting the recipe. 04:16pm Mon 27th January, 2014I used my own crust recipe (made from crushed biscuits) instead of the pastry and it took a little longer to cook in my oven (almost 30 minutes longer). It took me a few attempts to come to excellence, and now I’m ready to share with you this recipe for a delicious, low-calorie and healthy ricotta soufflГ©.

Combine ricotta, truvia blend (or sugar) and vanilla extract in a blender or food processor.
The only thing I do differently is that i do not add pastry to the top of the ricotta, but just on the bottom and sides and not too thick either.

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