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Premade dough paired with Ina-approved San Marzano tomatoes make these pizzas party-worthy. Cool in pan 10 minutes, then turn out onto a rack and cool to warm, 10 to 15 minutes more.You can enjoy it with whipped cream on top, ice cream or just on its own.
I saw this recipe, some 3 years back but then strawberry season was gone, so at that time I'd made it with mangoes (which tasted yumm, by the way). First of all well done for a super website.Secondly have you got a recipe of gluten free cake without eggs and margerine or butter.
One day I got the craving for a chocolaty dessert and was tempted to make my standard fat-free chocolate pudding. Many of the dessert recipes on this blog either are sugar-free or can be made sugar free just by replacing sugar with stevia.
You can substitute stevia in either of these microwaved baked apples recipes and also bake them in the oven if you prefer.
You'll keep up to date with new recipes and old ones you might have forgotten when you subscribe to NewsBites, the new FatFree Vegan newsletter. Even though I still do eat some gluten free flour products (like my buckwheat pancakes), I limit how much I have, because as you’ve pointed out many times, flour and sugar together are a dangerous combination. My only regret about seeing this recipe is that in the last couple of days I ate the very last of my frozen raspberries–they would have been great with this pudding! Stevia is not the same as sugar free substitutes as it doesn’t have an impact on your glucose level. Reading about the health trends that have come and gone over the past 30 years has really made me wonder if even the mass exodus from sugar will soon become a thing of the past with the emphasis somewhere else. I made this tonight with my new Vitamix (yay–replacing one I had to get rid of in a move), and it turned out great.
Big, orange pumpkins and smiling jack-o-’lanterns are as synonymous with fall as colorful leaves and cooling temperatures.

Toasted pumpkin seeds, which can act as an anti-inflammatory agent and have even been shown to improve symptoms of depression, give this Spanish-inspired recipe a bit of crunch. As an alternative to pie, glazed chocolate-pumpkin bundt cake makes a delicious Thanksgiving dessert.
Whip up these crowd-pleasing pancakes with fat-free milk and low-calorie egg substitute in less than 30 minutes.
In this vegetarian recipe, pumpkin puree is the glue that holds together an array of veggies and Southwestern seasoning. Until then I was forced to go with either whole milk or 2% fat free yogurt since the fat free types had ingredients which worried me. When I was growing up, my family ate dessert every night after dinner, and my parents still end each day with a bowl of ice cream (though my mother opts for an artificially sweetened one now).
But that recipe uses cornstarch, a processed food that I’m trying to limit, so I decided to go with a more natural option.
Try this frozen yogurt, Ridiculously Easy Pineapple Sorbet, Strawberry-Banana Sorbet, or a sorbet made simply by freezing persimmons. All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days. Instead of using an equal amount of date syrup in a recipe, I just bake less, and when I do bake, I try to do things like follow Cathy Fisher’s lead on straightupfood blog for my treats. Here are some tasty, weight-conscious ways to carve out a space for pumpkin in your fall recipe rotation.
This version keeps things light and nutritious with whole-wheat flour, toasted almonds, and non-fat evaporated milk — and each slice has only 177 calories! In this case, pumpkin is used as a wet ingredient and an alternative to shortening or oil, eliminating much of the fat usually found in chocolate cake.
Steel-cut oats and fat-free evaporated milk ensure that you can have your custard and eat it, too.

I personally am of the opinion that better whole fat than fat free with artificial ingredients. I’m going to say something that may be heresy to most proponents of unprocessed vegan diets, but I believe that dates, date sugar, and date syrup, especially in the large amounts that some recipes use, are only slightly less unhealthy than white sugar. With either sugar or agave, I would guess at least 2 tablespoons, and for people like me who like things very sweet, maybe even 4. But the sugar, for anyone dealing with something like fibromyalgia, or chronic pain, is a trigger for inflammation, I’ve found.
Since we have no idea of the long term effects, I am better off knowing what I have to do with whole fat - yes - exercise!
But our typical dessert isn’t ice cream or even Soy Dream but fruit, plain and simple. But it did help me transition off the agave and the granulated sugar to use it, though I never used it in high amounts that appear in some recipes.
They had used raspberries and I considered switching the berries.В  I also reduced the fat from the original recipe and made minor changes to make this a guilt free dessert. So with this Greek styled Yogurt though is fat free, at least does not have scary stuff in the ingredients list. So its like having best of both the worlds :) Though I am not against using fats for my baking, sometimes when it does not warrants the use, or if it can be made with less fat, I opt for that.

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