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Adding weight should mean that you are working your abs harder, and result in better muscle growth. Ultimately to lose fat requires a daily calorie deficit by combining aВ healthy and balanced dietВ with regular exercise. Note that burning belly fat (or any fat, remember that spot reduction is not possible) is the first step.В The key to any exercise session is that you absolutely must work yourself hard. This research paper confirms that daily exercise will reduce stomach fat effectively, when combined with a diet plan, and therefore eventually reveal a 6 pack. If you have heard about the fact that someFat Burning Foodscan help you to lose weight then you've heard it right. We have already talked aboutВ how to lose belly fat, so here we shall mostly focus on the exercises that best develop your abdominal muscles.

Do not try building abs with 200 sit-ups every day, do it the proper way with bodybuilders weight training exercises.
However, it was one of the exercises that Bruce Lee performed to supplement his abs routines.
There are really no best exercises for burning fat, the key is to work as hard as you can to increase your calorie deficit so that you start breaking down fat stores.
This is why military style boot camps and martial arts classes are so good at helping people get fit and lose weight – they use tried and tested methods that strengthen the body, improve muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. It is not just the exercise or dieting with which you can burn fat, but there are some fat burning foods as well that can keep unhealthy fat off you.
You may have been brainwashed by infomercials that abs toning devices will melt away your stomach fat and reveal 6 pack abs, but this is all just a clever bit of marketing.В The adverts never show the fitness models drenched in sweat, gasping for breath after an intensive workout.

Arnold Schwarzenegger worked his abs everyday, and Bruce Lee’s abs were also training often. The people that demonstrate ab toning devices do not actually use those devices to get the fit body they have, they really are all just fitness models. Many professional athletes eat 6 to 8 times a day, with each meal being a small portion of protein, fat and carbohydrate (low GI diet) in a perfect balance to keep fat content minimal while building muscle tissue. But while you have a layer of fat over your stomach you will never see your abs or reduce that fat by just doing ab exercises.

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