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Superfoods are foods so super-charged with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other valuable nutrients, they can actually fight off disease, help raise your metabolism and help your body burn off unwanted fat.
NOTE: This book comes to you as an instant electronic download, complete with all 288 pages of 128 recipes with full color photos. Eating foods with this healthy fat will protect your DNA, smooth out your skin, help your brain function better, banish depression, protect your heart, fight cancer, and burn fat. Scientists are continually discovering new and exciting elements of food that can prevent, fight and even reverse many diseases.
This type of breakfast of superfoods will kickstart your metabolism and is PROVEN to put your body in fat-burning mode, THE REST OF THE DAY ! Superfood recipes using common ingredients that you and your family will absolutely love—each of these with a beautiful, full color photo so you can see exactly what the finished dish looks like.

Nearly 300 pages of recipes, superfoods & cutting edge research on the latest & greatest superfoods! But–this big recipe book will be broken up into smaller sized books which will be sold separately for about $10. Delicious healthy recipes, at your fingertips, with easy to follow instructions and mouth watering photos.
Find THE way to better health, weight loss, better mental health, and a whole new you with these delicious recipes. Go way beyond burning fat to supercharging your body, your brain and your life with Superfood recipes.
Even the worst cooks will find these recipes quick and easy to follow and soon be turning out their own culinary masterpieces.

I am certain you, your family and your friends will love this book and the delicious, easy to follow recipes.
As always, though, I am happy to refund your money within 60 days if you are not totally thrilled with this book.

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