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Jay is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a Certified Fitness Trainer with over 20 years of experience as a professional in his field. THE FAT BURNING DIET By Jay Robb 256 pages (softbound) A HEALTHY APPROACH TO LOW-CARB DIETING!
THE FAT BURNING DIET By Jay Robb 256 pages (softbound) A HEALTHY APPROACH TO LOW-CARB DIETING! Clinical nutritionist and fitness club owner, Jay Robb, whose California based nutrition company boasts books, products and diet plans wants to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle. Jay Calvert discusses different approaches he likes to use during Mastoplexy for the best result.
With his fruit intensive eating plans, dieters can start losing weight in just a couple of days.
Doing that with fresh fruit is a safe and easy way to keep fat levels low and energy levels high.

In addition, Jay’s Whey Protein, is derived from cows not treated with synthetic growth hormone rBGH and made with 100% whey isolate as the only protein source. Jay holds a lifetime Honorary Personal Training Certification with the National Gym Association for helping create their Personal Training Certification Program.
While low-carb dieting can be effective in the short run, cutting carbs long term can carry many potential drawbacks, health risks, and challenges. An extreme low-carb diet can be monotonous, boring, too high in saturated fat, too low in fresh fruits and vegetables, too low in fiber, too high in meat, and fattening because it is high in calories. The technique he created is called "carb-cycling," where the dieter eats low-carb meals one day and high-carb meals the next day.
As a clinical nutritionist, Jay teaches glycogen management, which allows the dieter to sidestep the fat-storing cycle. When a person cuts carbs, glycogen is depleted as the body begins burning fat as its primary source of fuel, while converting stored glycogen to glucose for secondary energy needs.

The human body will convert excess carbs to glycogen first, instead of turning those carbs into fat.
This is why carb-cycling on The Fat Burning Diet allows a person to safely eat healthy high-carb foods every other day. You will be energized, and your metabolism will be running on high, which can melt away fat like butter in a microwave!
Now you can easily have a great fat-burning breakfast every morning without ever being late to work or school and slaving over the stove! If you are serious about your life, your looks, and your health, The Fat Burning Diet is a must-read for you.

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