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As we wrote last week, it is very important to us that we teach our children a healthy eating lifestyle. We always thought that fast food was the enemy of the person trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Once Jodi realized how great the food was at SUBWAYВ® she started taking her daughter after her dance class as a treat. SUBWAYВ® not only has healthy subs and salads, but they also have a huge selection of healthy side items.

SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDSв„ў meals have been approved by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with whom SUBWAYВ® restaurants has partnered to help fight childhood obesity.
The fast food we grew up with was full of fat and calories and always made us feel sluggish after we ate it. SUBWAY® restaurants stood out as the only chain to meet CSPI’s criteria – for their entire FRESH FIT for KIDS menu. They love the food and we love that we feel like we are helping them live a healthier lifestyle.

She knows that no matter where she is she can walk into a Subway and find something healthy for lunch, as well as breakfast. We are giving away a $40 gift card to one person (within the US) that leaves a comment telling us their favorite SUBWAYВ® meal, or a meal from the Fresh Fit menu that they would like to try.

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