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Super-sized portions of fast food usually cost you only a little extra: they are marketed as “value for money meals”. Choosing your own meal constituents gives you the opportunity of keeping the calories, sodium, and fat content in check, while boosting the fibre content. Those little “extras” like salad dressings, sandwich sauces, mayo, spreads, and gravies that you add to your meal to indulge your taste buds can infuse your meal with more fat, calories, and salt than you had bargained for.
We know how tempting it might be to quickly grab a McEgg burger during those rushed mornings, but it is important to remember that breakfast is your most important meal. Voracious reader, compulsive writer, internet troll, pop-culture enthusiast, foodie; admittedly weird, owns a wand, and hopes to make magic someday. With growing global concern over obesity and heart diseases ensuing from unhealthy eating, fast food chains the world over are making an effort to include healthier options in their menus.

Fresh fruit, plain frozen yogurts, and sorbet are healthier options than ice cream and cakes.
Before placing your order at a restaurant, ask for the nutrition profile of the meal ordered. Above all, remember that healthy eating is a matter of balancing your food choices over time. Besides, there are ways to make sure that that occasional treat at a fast food restaurant does not turn into the unhealthy grease fest that it has every potential to be. Research shows that larger the serving in front of us, the more food we tend to eat even beyond satiation. So if you overindulge at one meal, remember to compensate by eating wholesome, healthy food at your next meal.

If you’re almost principally opposed to passing on a meal deal, you could try splitting the large portion with a friend. If you are craving a sugary drink, order the smallest size; a large glass can contain as many calories as a whole meal.

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