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Losing weight FAST is such a tempting promise to overweight people who are seeking a quick solution to what's really a long-term problem.
A more correct name would have been the Intermittent Fasting Plan or else the original 5:2 Diet.
On the remaining five days, the authors say you eat what you like but really you have to eat a semi-balanced diet so as not to put on the weight you just took off.
On your fast days, you select foods that will satisfy you for the least number of calories.
The 5:2 concept hit the world during the summer of 2012, when Mosley, a trained doctor and BBC producer, agreed to be a guinea pig for a BBC documentary exploring the scientific research on life extension, one component of which was calorie restriction. Now, the idea that super-low-calorie diets can extend your life has been around for years, with some intriguing research to back it up.

However this allows you to dine out, enjoy the odd piece of cake, or eat junk food, something that's banned on regular diets. His Horizon Programme Eat, Fast, Live Longer had a phenomenal global response when it was broadcast on BBC Two in 2012. First, although Mosley makes an intriguing case for fasting as a way to improve health measures, extend lifespan and achieve a healthy weight, he consistently rests on rat studies and conjecture as proof. If you're being realistic, it should be called The 2:5 Diet so you know you have to plan for two days of strict eating and five days of normal eating.
The authors say you forget about fasting and just live normally which does have huge appeal. He lost weight and created this 5:2 approach after reading all the literature on intermittent fasting.

She made Michael's personal diet regime more practical with menu plans and charts and adapted it for women. Use salads and non-starchy vegetables and diet drinks to fill yourself up for negligible kilojoules. Mosley cites studies that say that fasting has no adverse effects on people who do high intensity exercise.

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    Seeds are loaded with protein, fiber.
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    Seeds are loaded with protein, fiber you Know?Sunflower seed flour.