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The Fast Diet – co-written with Dr Michael Mosley – topped the Amazon charts through January and beyond.
I don’t know if I’m more impressed by her courage, her fastidiousness or her ego.During my ten-year tenure at YOU, I can only remember one unpleasant missive (written in green pen, as is standard). Sarah Millican, Steve Wright, Emma Freud, Mariella Frostrup – all kinds of people are chatting about the diet and the book in print, on air and online.

I found myself answering questions such as these while my daughter was playing her grade-one flute piece to me on Sunday…It’s the merging of public and private that feels weird – and all of us are increasingly at it, bestselling diet book or no.
A South Korean TV crew apparently wants to make a documentary about what I have for breakfast and translations are popping up all over the place (if you want to try intermittent fasting in Danish, Dutch or Portuguese, well, be my guest). Having spent a career hidden behind the printed page, like a bather clutching a towel to their privates, I’m suddenly out, suddenly starkers, subject to the kind of scrutiny fixed upon anyone who dares to attract the public eye, even in the limited form of writing a 256-page diet book.

The reviews – given that this is a book about weight loss, which is always bound to split the vote – have generally been great.

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