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04:11pm Tue 2nd February, 2010I found this dish nice but pretty bland, it was nothing special and my partner and I spent the whole dinner trying to add things to make it taste better, the winners were cheese (added to his) or sour cream (added to mine). With two supermarket superfoods – spinach and tomatoes – it's easy to cook up a feel-good dinner. 09:56pm Sat 3rd July, 2010I also used this for the savoury mince and eggplant bake, which was pretty nice. 05:33am Fri 20th December, 2013Yummy, a real different meal with mince, now added to the family favourites.
08:00pm Mon 12th November, 2012I substituted chicken mince and I too added grated carrot and green beans to the mix.

We are now serving this with a spicy cous cous and adding all sorts of things to it like apricots, prunes or dates. I usually make the mince mixture using frozen vegies as well as whatever else I can find, and then make it into a shepherd's pie by putting mash potato and grated low fat cheese on top and baking for half an hour. I had Batsami rice with it I had 1 tablespoon of of Moroccan seasoning as family don't like meals with to much spice. I also added extra moroccan spice, as others suggested, and topped it with coriander and feta. I added extra moroccan spice suggested in another review and I also used the juice of a whole lemon and garnished it with a dob of natural yoghurt.

I put the mince on a baked potato, with grated cheese, sour cream, cherry tomatoes and lettuce. But even after about 30 mins simmering and then 40 mins in the oven with the bake, the potato was still a bit too form for my taste.

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