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Sainsbury’s has today launched a ‘Feed your family for £50 a week’ promotion where it claims shoppers can have three meals a day for an average of 60p per meal per person. The concept follows the Jamie Oliver-led ‘Feed your family for a fiver’ campaign launched in 2008 offering families main meal ideas for under £5. Claire Harrison-Church, director of brand communications at Sainsbury’s said: 'We know the weekly shop is one of the family’s biggest regular expenses and we are really pleased that we can help to make it easier, and more cost effective.
The bloggers who attended were all lucky enough to receive the entire ВЈ50 worth of groceries delivered to our doors so we could try the second meal plan for ourselves exclusively before its launch date on 25th May. I’d have opted for a nice fresh salad myself, but I guess the meal planners were trying to keep costs down and use up the veg from the other meals.

If they could work in some of the recipes from the Feed Your Family for a Fiver campaign so you could have more choice, then I think it would be an absolute winner. Sainsbury’s have been kind enough to give FIVE of my readers ВЈ50 worth of shopping delivered to your door so you can try the weekly meal plan for yourself! It gives you the chance to balance the meals and try something new, instead of reverting to the same-old same-old that bores everyone to tears.
But as it is I’ll certainly be checking it out again for recipe inspiration but not following it slavishly meal-by-meal. I alwys make a meal plan and shopping list anyway, but having one ready made and printed is good, loving trying new meals as well.

As we get most of our food from a local organic farm, we manage to keep our budget reasonable, but it’s always good to have ideas to use up vegetables. Frugal shoppers can nudge the price down lower- I saved on the meat from last weeks meal plan by buying basics mince, a chicken, and 2 for ВЈ3 help the heroes bacon so saved extra money and even had some left over to freeze!

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