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The plan was to diet to the extreme for ten weeks to see if I could reach the much talked-about – and sadly, much desired – size zero, and highlight any negative side effects.
Yet still some women (and some girls as young as six) are dieting to the extreme and seeing these famous stick insects as role models.
Which is why, in January, I took part in a controversial diet experiment for a TV documentary, Super Skinny Me, to highlight the dangers of super-strict dieting and exercise regimes. The fact that I'd never dieted (I can't even say no to chocolate for a day) and had a healthy body image made me an ideal candidate. But all that was about to change… The diets I followed were checked in advance with the production company's doctor at London's Hammersmith Hospital.
Basically, it was a toss up between yo-yo dieting or developing an eating disorder.The mind games were frightening.

Several times I felt like quitting, but instead I moved on to an extremely restrictive high-protein diet and exercise plan for the next two weeks – popular with the likes of scarily-thin starlet Nicole Richie (it's the kind of routine that film stars sometimes adopt to slim down before movie roles).
I was consuming as little as 600 calories through a diet of protein shakes, lean white meat and fish, as well as exercising two hours a day.
A dermatologist suggested it was "a form of eczema", although he admitted it was more than likely connected to my extreme diet.
Once I came off the diet the rash disappeared within a week with the help of a steroid cream.The experiment was a very lonely time.
Looking back now, I probably had.I gave up the experiment in week five, unable to face another five weeks of dieting.
If I should ever become overweight, I would consider following a balanced low-calorie diet and would exercise frequently.

I think exercise is key: bear in mind that I barely lost any weight on the watercress soup diet, and I'm sure that's because I didn't have the energy to exercise.
The one positive thing I've taken away from the documentary is that I now go to the gym twice a week.

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