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The pressure to stay thin and trim in Hollywood is relentless, leading many stars to diets, drugs, and daily dates with their personal trainers.
The controversy erupted earlier this week after "Star" magazine reported that Richie has relapsed into anorexia and is subsisting on a 600-to-800-calorie-a-day diet consisting of celery, sunflower seeds, juice and chewing gum.
Meanwhile, Richie has said she stays in shape by following a sensible, healthy diet (which includes juicing) and by doing rigorous cardio dance workouts four days a week with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson.

Always in the public eye and under scrutiny, extreme celebrity weight shifts may be due to stress, a baby, a movie role, or an unhealthy lifestyle. We’ve gathered some of the best and worst celebrity slim-downs and plump-ups, including Jessica Simpson, Mischa Barton, Oprah, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.

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