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February 25, 2011 by Sarah Fragoso 107 Comments There are endless possibilities when making paleo foods and the truth is, I enjoy how our food tastes now better than I ever did during our pre-paleo days.
About Sarah FragosoSarah Fragoso is a dedicated wife and a mother of three who has succeeded in helping her own family find true health and wellness through living a paleo lifestyle. We like keeping things easy, so when we saw this easy Paleo chicken pepper stir fry recipe it was a no brainer for our list. Here’s a stir fry that will keep you on the straight and narrow in regards to your Paleo eating.
Beef and broccoli is one of the most popular stir fry combinations going, and it’s one that you can most definitely have on the Paleo diet, as long as you prepare it properly.
Fish is not often used in stir fries, so it’s good to see it here as an option you have for a protein source that isn’t chicken or beef.
You can’t go wrong with a stir fry that lists chicken, bok choy, and basil as its main ingredients, and they don’t stop there. Cashew beef is one of the more popular items in the world of Chinese take out, so it’s good to be able to cook it at home and save yourself from food that isn’t Paleo approved. Many diet plans don’t allow you to eat pork because of its fat content, or because it’s not high quality enough of a protein compared to beef or chicken, but on Paleo it’s an approved meat.
Bitter melon may not have been on your radar before Paleo, but it’s definitely a vegetable you should get to know.
This is a basic chicken stir fry that uses only Paleo ingredients, fried up in a hot pan until everything becomes pleasing to the tooth. You probably never thought you’d be eating pigeon, but on Paleo anything that you can kill and eat becomes fair game. Bulgogi is a beef dish served in Korea all year long, and is fun to make because it is easy and tastes great. Eating Paleo means taking a world tour for your taste buds, and the best part is you don’t have to pack your bags or spend a lot.
You probably won’t see another diet plan advocating the use of tallow in your cooking, and that’s what makes the Paleo diet so different. When you make up a batch of Paleo lettuce wraps you’ll find out just how delicious and satisfying it can be to use lettuce as a wrap. Learning how to make perfectly cooked carnitas is a skill that will come in handy while on the Paleo diet. This is like having an egg salad sandwich, but without the bread, which is a good thing because conventional bread is off limits on Paleo. The flavor of curried Thai beef comes through in these lettuce wraps because there isn’t anything trying to compete for your taste buds’ attention. The flavor of Thailand works well in a lettuce wrap, and this is the second of three Thai-inspired recipes that made it onto our list.
When you want tacos only tacos will do, the only problem is that on Paleo you may have trouble finding a shell that is suitable.
Combining cashews with beef gives these lettuce wraps a lot of staying power, and they’ll keep you full for several hours after your meal.
These lettuce wraps are made in the Paleo fashion and thus you’ll be avoiding any dairy, grains, refined sugar, and legumes. One thing about eating Paleo is that you don’t have to give up meat, and in fact it plays an integral part in the plan. The nice thing about going Paleo is that you don’t have to give up flavors like spicy or savory.
Ground beef and ground pork combine in a ball of goodness here, and you can be sure that all of the ingredients pass the Paleo test.
This recipe is Paleo to the core, cutting out the grains and advising you to use grass fed beef for the meat.
It’s really easy to make Paleo pesto because pesto is made with ingredients that are Paleo friendly, namely Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Basil. Both beef and pork are used in these meatballs, which might throw off some Paleo purists because it’s not as if a caveman would have kept on hunting if they already had killed one type of animal.
Following Paleo means grabbing delicious flavor combinations from all over the world, and these Vietnamese inspired meatballs have a hot chili sauce as well as a fish sauce to give them a unique flavor that you probably won’t be expecting from a meatball.
One great thing about Paleo is that you can partake in many Mexican themed meals by simply cutting out the flour tortillas.
If General Tso’s chicken was your standard go-to when ordering Chinese, you’re probably missing it since going Paleo because it’s just not possible to eat it because of the breading used. Thailand is the inspiration on these meatballs, and they’ve made them mini so they’re even easier to eat. We’re suckers for Paleo recipes that are made Florentine because that means there will be hefty amounts of spinach in them, which means we’re getting topped up on our vegetables at the same time we’ve got a mouthful of meatiness.
These are some pretty classic meatballs, using both lamb and beef gives them a more complex flavor than just one meat alone.
If you love Moroccan food you’re in luck because there are plenty of Moroccan foods that you can fully enjoy while you are doing Paleo. Nothing is quite as Paleo as eating a wild animal, and in this case they’ve procured some minced wild boar to really replicate how things might have been 10k years ago and earlier. Scotch eggs are like meatballs with a hardboiled egg on the inside, all of which should have a Paleo dieters saliva glands working overtime. Meatballs are not a popular dish in Thailand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use Thai spices and flavors that suit them.
As long as you are following these Paleo stir fry recipes you’ll be all set because they do a great job of combining roughly equal portions of meat and vegetables, so you get a complete meal and only end up using one pan.
She’s using rump roast for the beef, but this could be changed to whatever beef you have on hand and that you enjoy.
The ingredients line-up is basic enough, and they’re quick to point out that you don’t have to include the rice noodles for it to come out perfect.

They’re telling you to use sirloin in this, and this is one of the better cuts of beef you can eat on the Paleo diet. They’ve used ground beef to have it turn out as shown, but they point out that you can also use ground turkey or ground pork, and even other meat options like ground venison, or ground bison.
Grass-fed ground beef is one area that they’ve proven they’re using high quality foods, since a cow fed from corn just isn’t following nature’s design any longer.
You might have noticed that long with the lamb there is plenty of zucchini and mushrooms, which showcases just how balanced the Paleo diet is. Turkey is often passed over for the more popular chicken, but it can serve as a helpful addition to your Paleo diet and has many good characteristics, like being high in protein, and providing additional minerals. Whole30 starts with Paleo as a base and then gets even more strict so you know you’ll be sticking within Paleo guidelines when you use one of their recipes. They’re using flank steak as the beef in this recipe, and they’ve captured the authentic taste of bulgogi by adding garlic, sesame seeds, cilantro, and green onions to the marinade, and sriracha, onions, and carrots for the actual stir fry. I love helping people discover new paleo recipes and enjoy giving helpful tips on the Paleo diet. To keep things interesting here they’re going with turkey over chicken or beef, and they’re using ground turkey so it’s relatively easy and quick to cook up and place inside the lettuce slices. The lettuce has a relatively mild flavor, and basically serves as the utensil that gets the curried beef to your mouth. Always try to eat more vegetables than anything else on Paleo, since they’ll help keep your digestive system clean and provide you with vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at its best. Here the focus is on the unmistakable taste of basil, which goes really nicely with the beef. Fish sauce and curry paste is basically all you need to make any dish have a Thai taste to it, and that’s what is found in this recipe. Instead you’ll find high quality ingredients like grass-fed ground beef, bamboo shoots, fresh garlic, and fresh ginger.
What you have to watch out for is recipes that seem like they’re Paleo friendly but in fact traditionally use ingredients that are not. First, you’re getting plenty of meaty goodness in the form of ground beef, but the ensemble of ingredients that are included in this really makes the difference. Yes, they’re using mozzarella cheese here, which will turn away some that don’t allow themselves any cheese while doing Paleo. Paleo guidelines say to nix anything dairy, and that would include the cheese and sour cream on these nachos. Traditional feta cheese is made with sheep’s milk, which opens the discussion of whether dairy is avoided on Paleo because of all the junk that is pumped into conventional cows which makes its way into conventional dairy products.
Lamb is definitely one of the approved meats while eating paleo, and this meal couldn’t get much more balanced by being served with a mix of yummy vegetables, adding even more spice to the mix and waking up your taste buds. Red curry paste is what provides the Thai flavor, and red curry is a dish that is enjoyed throughout all parts of the country. You get a wonderful curry flavor in the meatballs, made up of your choice of ground meat, they recommend combining a few of them and suggest beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, or veal. Whole30 starts with Paleo as a base and then makes further exclusions based on the most recent studies on how foods affect the human body. Alcohol is not a Paleo approved item, but none of it will remain after these are done cooking, so you can enjoy the flavor that’s left over without breaking from the plan. It’s starting with a base of ground beef, and also includes bacon so the liver is a side character in the overall picture.
Venison represents an animal that is eating according to the way nature intended, is free of antibiotics, and is closer to what Paleolithic man would have been eating than the conventional livestock we keep today.
They’re using them with plenty of grass-fed ground beef, and they’ve added shallots, garlic, and tomatoes to the dish to give you even more flavor and nutrition. This turkey is prepared Thai style, with lots of basil, coconut aminos, fish sauce, red and yellow peppers, and garlic. Maybe early man didn’t have a wok, or didn’t think to stir fry their food, but that’s no reason why we can’t take basic ingredients and cook them up in a yummy way for all of the benefits. There are actually a pretty good number of ingredients, so your palate will have a lot going on. Best of all the ingredients it’s using are all Paleo approved, with items like chicken breast, bell peppers, and onions. This recipe is using skirt steak for the beef, and has celery, carrots, mushrooms, and broccoli to round it off.
With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need. I have been making a living writing about the Paleo Diet for the last year and have never been happier. The mango kiwi salsa is the real winner here, because it dovetails nicely with the beef and provides a sweet and succulent flavor that combines with the savoriness of the curried beef.
They have a separate option if you want to make this spicier than the way it is shown, you simply buy a red Thai chile which will crank things up a notch. It goes well with the shrimp, and when you ball it all up onto a lettuce slice you’re getting a complete Paleo meal that you can hold in your hand without making a mess. If you were worried that following a Paleo lifestyle meant you had to eat boring or bland foods, don’t fret. Some may say that sausage isn’t exactly Paleo because of the processing involved, but as long as you’re buying premium meats it should be alright.
Coconut flour gets the go ahead instead of bread crumbs, and goes right in line with the use of pineapple in these sweet and savory Paleo approved meatballs. The mixture of herbs and the inclusion of basil and sun-dried tomatoes means that you’ll still have plenty to chew on in the flavor department. The important thing is not to treat Paleo like a traditional diet, where it’s a house of cards that can easily topple if you eat a meal that isn’t entirely made up of authorized foods.

Unfortunately beer is not authorized on Paleo, but you can still steal this green meatball recipe since it contains a fair amount of spinach to go with the ground turkey, rounding things out nicely for a Paleo eater. Almond flour fills in for the bread crumbs, and they even go so far as the use Thai basil for a truly authentic recipe. You’d better believe early man was not going to let parts of the animal go to waste, so this is in line with the Paleo philosophy, and there is evidence that several organ meats provide additional minerals and nutrients not found in other parts of the animal most commonly eaten. You flat out can’t beat the ingredients used on this as far as flavor and Paleo-readiness goes. This is one of the better curry meatball recipes we’ve seen, Paleo or otherwise, and it’s using both a beef and lamb to get the job done.
The use of both ground pork and bacon means that there’s a lot of pig products, and they work together with garlic and fennel seeds in a truly inspired Paleo friendly dish. When you eat Paleo you are automatically going to be following a gluten-free diet because you’re getting rid of all grains entirely, including wheat, which is where gluten is found. If you’d rather use ground beef then you’ll end up with a dish that tastes like beef tacos.
It’s served with a cabbage filled slaw so it does a good job of making sure you’re getting your vegetables along with a healthy dose of ground beef. When it comes to a stir fry you are basically all set as long as you are using organic meats and vegetables and an oil that is Paleo friendly. Fat intake is not a big concern on Paleo, but it’s always good to choose lean cuts for your regular meals that you’ll have a few times a week or so.
The oil is olive oil, a popular oil on Paleo and one that you may already be in the habit of using.
When doing Paleo you’ll want to look for simple substitutions like these that serve the same purpose but do it in a way that furthers you along on your diet plans, without using items that aren’t approved. This is a dish you can whip up whenever you’re hungry and are tired of the same old beef and chicken.
Overall it is a hearty beef dish that will leave you feeling satisfied for several hours after your meal, making it a great lunch that won’t slow you down in the middle of your day.
Many people are surprised when they see just how many vegetables are eaten on the Paleo diet.
Please read about my journey here and see how I turned my passion for the Paleo lifestyle into a successful blog and career.
Anytime you use lettuce in place of a wrap made from flour or corn you’ll be doing your body a favor and keeping things Paleo. It’s always a good idea to take the extra step to make your Paleo food look good, because it will improve the way you perceive the taste. Leave out the ricotta cheese to make these fully Paleo, or leave it in if you’ve decided to do the occasional cheese. She’s come up with a great way to replicate the bread experience with zucchini so you can have what looks like a meatball sandwich, She’s got you covered on the meatballs as well, using a succulent blend of ingredients including grass-fed beef, coconut milk, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. They include onions to add to the jalapeno, and there’s also parsley and basil to round things out. It’s important to get your vegetables, as eating Paleo does not mean that you are subsisting on just meat. The use of lime and cilantro means that you’re going to round out the flavor palate and make this a winner right from the start.
You can easily make this more Paleo by simply leaving the cheese out, but you’ll be missing the full experience. A traditional “insalata caprese” is layers of tomatoes, and mozzarella with basil providing massive flavor enhancement, so these live up to their title.
These are so basic that they only include 6 ingredients, and two of those are listed in the title. Greek yogurt is not any more or less Paleo than regular yogurt, it simply goes through another step and has the whey strained from it. The base of these meatballs is grass fed beef, so they’re having you use a quality meat from cows that were not fed grains, and it should be free of antibiotics as well.
Contrary to popular misconception Paleo is all about finding a balance between meat and veggies with some fruit and healthy fats, not just eating the equivalent of a brontosaurus. Grass-fed ground beef makes up most of the meatball, and they’ve managed to squeeze onion and mushrooms into this as well. Here you’re getting a classic recipe made according to Paleo standards so you can enjoy it without the bloated heavy feeling afterward. Overall this dish is worthy of the Thai title, as it does a good job of paying homage to the kinds of flavors encountered there and translating it to meatballs. That’s what makes Paleo eating so healthy, all of the vegetables and healthy fats you take in.
Paleo requires you to use wholesome ingredients, as close to their source as possible, and without things like gluten, dairy, and sugar in them. Basically if you’re not eating a substantial amount of veggies you’re not doing the diet right, so be sure to get some at every meal.
There is also a recipe for pesto included, and all of the ingredients stick to the Paleo regimen. Fruit is a tertiary item in Paleo, so generally you don’t want to overdo it, but here it goes nicely.

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