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While Sarah Fragoso's book is much cookbook, with dozens and dozens of recipes, it's much more and I can't help thinking that this might be the ideal first book for a women with kids to take care of. After a few introductory sections on where Sarah is now and how she got here and why, it dives right in to a complete list of what you should have in your pantry and your fridge. My 6 year old LOVES Everyday Paleo – does the exercises on her own, specifically asks to make recipes from it. I thought the same thing, Richard… that the lasagna recipe sound like it might be similar to the Greek dish, Moussaka… one of those traditional dishes that lends itself to the paleo diet and is quite delicious.
My wife and I (and two kids) went through Sarah’s recipes using her shopping list every 5 days.
Print out the Whole 30 rules and slap it on your fridge – buy Everyday Paleo and go through the menus. About Sarah FragosoSarah Fragoso is a dedicated wife and a mother of three who has succeeded in helping her own family find true health and wellness through living a paleo lifestyle.

First off Sarah thank you SO much for sharing so much of yourself with us… I can appreciate that it’s not easy especially in internet land!
Sarah’s book has some ideas for what to do when your kids (or you!) are used to sandwiches for lunch. There are now around a half dozen full color Paleo cookbooks on the market with dozens and dozens of recipes each, and they are as varied as are their authors. It's perfectly logical to me, and best of all, Sarah provides tons and tons of photos in sequence, showing exactly how each exercise is done; and not just for you. When I first started my own journey to health, a resource like Everyday Paleo simply did not exist, and holy guacamole, I needed a resource like this one. In fact, my before and after pictures from almost six years ago live over at Norcal Strength & Conditioning, and not here at Everyday Paleo.
Im just saying this might be a good alternative for some: let the food be your guide from everyday one.

The Paleo lifestyle is engrained in me because it makes me feel so damn good & I never want to be that 300lb+ couch potato who did not care about herself enough to do the work necessary until walking became difficult. As a woman, this post gives me the courage to go out and accomplish so much more than I already have in eating Paleo for the past few years and seeking health first in dealing with my Hashi’s. I look in the mirror everyday and rejoice in what I have which is my life, my real life, my precious life that could be ripped out from under me tomorrow so I’m going to relish in this joy that I have today.
I am a mom, a wife, a fighter, a lover, a real darn person and I make this paleo thing work because, well, it simply does when you really live it.

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