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March 12, 2013 by Rachel 44 Comments Note from Sarah: We recently introduced Rachel as part of our EverydayPaleo team. You can always make the hash and then just a separate pan of scrambled eggs and then eat them together.
Ditto on the Thank you, the first paleo book I bought was a bit intimidating to me, your books have been a big hit with my family and friends who come over to visit. I prepare mine with ground bison instead of sausage and then stick it in the fridge (minus the eggs) as leftovers, then every morning scoop some out in a pan and make a fresh egg for breakfast.
I have been doing Paleo since January and jave lost 30 lbs and 3 dress sizes just getting healthier. My oldest daughter and I are trying the paleo way of eating to see if we can lose weight and get my blood sugar and blood pressure down.

Thankfully everyone in my house likes scrambled eggs so I don’t get many complaints, but when the weekend rolls around I take advantage of the extra time we all have together and try to make something more special and fun and…well…YUMMY!
I covered in foil after cracking the eggs in the pan to create some steam and speed up cooking. I’m not a paleo eater as I do a bit of dairy and legumes but I have a question about coconut oil. A lot of paleo recipes I see use coconut oil but the stuff is supposed to not be good for you. I suggest reading my FAQ page for more information, my first book, Everyday Paleo, The Paleo Solution bye Robb Wolf, and The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib; all books that will help you better understand this lifestyle. The more I cook things he likes that are paleo the more likely he will be to jump on board with me!

We used a spicy Italian sausage and the combination of the sweet potato and the spicy meat was surprisingly good!
Most of my family and friends are not on the Paleo bandwagon so they were very intrigued by my use of sweet potatoes in a breakfast dish.

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