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You may be already be familiar with the USDA's MyPlate, the University of Michigan's Great Plate, or Harvard's Healthy Eating Plate. Or simply scroll down the page to get a better idea of what is included on the Endurance Athlete's plate. Some fruits are great for both during and immediately after your workouts, with the banana being the #1 choice for athletes everywhere.
Noticeably absent from many recommended diets for regular athletes, grains and starches are a necessity for the endurance athlete. This is the complete guide to crafting your own diet plan based on the Endurance Plate guidelines. Holistic Fueling For Ironman Triathletes was designed to be a comprehensive daily nutrition plan for Ironman that goes far beyond simple "meal suggestions". Over years of training hundreds of different body styles and fitness levels, Ben Greenfield has found that simple, multi-joint, functional exercises are a fast and highly effective way for the busy, multi-sport athlete to stay fit.
In The Endurance Sports Supplements Secrets CD, certified sports nutritionist Ben Greenfield explains in plain English the purpose and science behind nutritional supplementation. Having watched literally hundreds of races and talked with thousands of athletes after races, Ben has seen every mistake a triathlete can make, and in this frank and straightforward audio program, he sits down and clearly explains how many triathletes completely destroy their race from a nutrition, training or pacing perspective.
Once you have the program, you simply begin with Week 1 of the 36 Week Training Plan, Week 1 of the Meal Plans in the Holistic Fueling manual, and also pop in the bonus Audio CD's or mp3's as you're driving, bicycling, running, or sitting at your desk.
And if your Half Ironman or Ironman triathlon is less than 36 weeks away, and you have a decent level of fitness, you can simply jump into the program where ever you desire and still have the advantage of zero guesswork in your training and eating!
As I'm sure you've gleaned thus far, my main problems are sticking to a training plan and planning my nutrition. I'm ready to finally break the mold and dominate Ironman triathlon with a zero-guesswork training and nutrition plan, and do it WITHOUT neglecting my family, WITHOUT quitting my job and lowering my income, WITHOUT saying goodbye to all my friends for a year, WITHOUT giving up my other hobbies, and WITHOUT delay!

Top 12 Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes Book: a strength training manual that breaks the mold by giving me short and incredibly effective gym workouts designed specifically to enhance my endurance while maintaining my strength, my muscular tone, and my explosiveness. The No-Guesswork Guide to Ironman Race Week CD: my secret weapon to ensure zero guesswork and complete confidence that I'm perfectly prepared when I stand on the beach on race morning - a step-by-step roadmap that walks me through the eating, tapering, pacing and Ironman race day logistics! Some research shows that competitive athletes, particularly those involved in heavy weight training, may require more protein. Many athletes are afraid that their heavy training schedule will force their bodies to breakdown lean muscle mass and then use it as energy.
Athletes should aim to make 60-65% of their diet carbohydrate, with an emphasis on fresh fruit and whole grains such as brown rice and pasta, wholemeal bread, potatoes and high fibre cereals. But not one of those plates is tailored to the specific needs of an endurance athlete, who regularly trains for hours on end and requires the proper nutrition to compete at a high level. By hammering home skills such as force, power, muscular endurance, explosiveness or speed into separately designed training blocks of key workouts, The Triathlon Dominator Package allows your triathlon fitness to progress at bullet-speed. Instead, you'll receive an exact weekly plan for your early season training, building to a race, carb loading, race day fueling, and even off-season and recovery weeks. But there is flexibility because you can, if necessary, eliminate part or all of the 4 weeks of Base 4, making it a 32-36 week plan. Furthermore, to keep your body bulletproof and at razor-sharp recovery capacity, your completely designed meal plan (screenshot below), carbohydrate, protein and fat intake also changes along with these alterations in training. The solution that is presented The Triathlon Dominator Package involves a proprietary endurance athlete nutrition program that focuses on promoting rapid recovery, fighting inflammation, reducing potential toxins, and powering the immune system. With the life of a busy Ironman triathlete in mind, the meal plan includes minimal meal preparation times and food choices that are easily accessible at commercial grocery stores. BUT there is much less volume than the average Ironman plan, primarily due to the prevalence of HIT training and a good diet.

Unfortunately, the best training program and training season will not be enough to get you successfully through an Ironman distance event without a carefully designed and implemented nutrition plan. The principle of Periodization means that your plan includes precise instructions for swim form drills, cycling skill workouts, running drills, how to calculate your heart rate zones, how to use an optional power meter on your bike, quick and easy to prepare meals, and the dozens of other crucially important details the Ironman triathlete should be incorporating.
You'll be given a healthy meal plan that includes anti-inflammatory foods and nutrition supplements, learn how to avoid common traps while grocery shopping (screenshot below), and get perfectly balanced ratios of protein, carbohydrate and fat. You'll first learn the practical and easy-to-understand human science behind the nutrition plan, then you'll be given a detailed, no-guesswork meal plan, along with a final FAQ and dietary supplements section.
You're going to be supplied with a "no-guesswork" nutrition plan that you can simply plug into your training calendar. The example follows basic sports nutrition guidelines for before, during, and after endurance exercise. So from day 1 of your training, you'll be taught exactly what you are supposed to do for both exercise and eating.
However, each athlete needs an individual nutrition plan that will reflect their ability to consume, absorb, and transport nutrients and fluid. In other words, the entire plan is based on the concept that with proper training methods, you can cross the Ironman finish line with a big smile on your face, guilt-free that you didn't neglect work, spouse, children, family and life.

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