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Trust me, I’m no expert, but I can actually say that I am confident about using an electric pressure cooker now and I am not scared of using one either.
A lot of the cooking and recipes that I do on this blog now are a lot of new stuff that I’ve never even cooked in a pressure cooker before or cooked at all period.
When I did my contest a few weeks ago, asking readers what they wanted to see cooked on my blog in the future, there were quite a lot of answers of food that actually cannot be cooked in an electric pressure cooker. So I’ve decided to compile a list of tips and other information that I hope will help everyone know, and understand the wonderful world of pressure cooking. You might be able to get away with pressure cooking a casserole of some kind to start it off. The browning feature in the Elite Pressure Cooker functions by turning on the heating element and using the heat from that to brown or saute foods before pressure cooking it. A lot of people think that the pressure cooker is over-cooking their meat when their end result is super hard, rubbery and tough.
I had a reader who recently got a new model of the Elite pressure cooker and he asked me a question regarding simmering or slow cooking in it.

The only thing I can think of doing since your model comes with a Keep Warm feature, is to set it to that, leave the lid open and cook food on that lower setting.
If you put smaller portions of frozen meats or vegetables inside, then it should build up the pressure fairly quickly. Many times when you’re pressure cooking vegetables or meats, the pressure within the machine will cause the food to release a lot of its own natural liquids.
The Elite series of Pressure Cookers have many pre-programmed menu buttons for a variety of different foods.
I occasionally get messages from readers that tell me that the threw in a pot roast into the pressure cooker and then pressed the MEAT button on the machine.
Sometimes if the lid or the valves are not set up correctly, there may be some leakage of the steam pressure as the machine heats up.
I have a question, actually, I am new to pressure cooking and I am confused by the get warm setting and releasing the steam. If the machine goes to keep warm on its own, it will be in the natural release of pressure and will take longer to drop in pressure on its own.

I was so glad to find this site now if i can get some easy recipes cause I have no patience when it comes to cooking any longer. Sometimes during the pressure building process, a bit of wispy steam may escape but as soon as the valve rises and seals completely, the steam should stop. When it is up to pressure a great deal (or at least it seems that way to me) of steam comes out of the release valve.
I saute’d the bacon, ham and onion, then added the ground up clams and cubed potatoes and cooked on low pressure for 5 minutes.
It’s surprising to find that there are limited recipes out there for these new appliances.

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