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While carbohydrates are easy enough to get on a vegetarian diet, protein is a little more challenging especially if dairy and eggs are omitted. Riboflavin is essential for cell growth and the production of energy, which impacts athletic performance. While meeting nutritional needs on a vegetarian or vegan diet may take a little more organization and preparation, it’s not mission impossible! While it is possible to be a vegetarian and win medals, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike require a number of nutrients often in higher proportions than the less active population.

In fact, whether you eat meat or not, if your diet isn’t well balanced, providing all the essential nutrients you need daily, you really can’t expect to get far. Calcium isn’t just needed for healthy bones and teeth – it’s also essential for muscle contractions, which is crucial for the training athlete! It can be difficult vegetarians who omit dairy and eggs to meet their vitamin B12 requirements. Dietary intake of riboflavin can be limited for vegetarians who avoid all animal products and soy also.

Protein is often quoted as the nutrient that vegetarians won’t get enough of but there are many plant-based sources of protein (read: ‘A Healthy Vegetarian Diet – Achievable or Impossible). Vitamin B12 fortified products like fortified non-dairy milks, breakfast cereals and meat substitutes should be included in the diet but a B12 supplement may also be necessary.

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