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Warnings: Very low calorie protein diets (below 400 calories per day) may cause serious illness or death. Tags: beef protein, egg white protein, paleo, paleo pro, paleo protein, paleo protein powder, Paleoista Approved, paleopro. Whole Egg Protein provides an excellent combination and profile of amino acids as well as a high level of sulfur which is essential to various hormonal pathways within the body. Egg White Protein is made by removing the yolk and then converting the egg white product in powdered form. Beef Protein Isolate contains a protein and amino acid content that even rivals most whey protein isolates! I think it taste better than other protein powders personally and I like that the ingredients are simple.
After researching protein powders for a Paleo lifestyle, I was thrilled to find this product.

Each of us at PaleoPro were committed to making a quality product for various reasons – dietary restrictions, CrossFit addictions, lifestyle choices – but it all boiled down to a desire to know exactly what we were putting in our bodies. Oh, and it had to be high in easily digestible protein, easy on the stomach, and taste amazing.
How paleo protein bars - crossfit fenrir, ‘caveman bullion’ paleo protein bar recipe (homemade) simple words cannot describe to you how bored i became with being unable to eat store bought protein bars! Usda myplate protein foods group -- protein, All foods made from meat, poultry, seafood, beans and peas, eggs, processed soy products, nuts, and seeds are considered part of the protein foods group. The paleo protein powder in our mix is minimally processed and not instantized with soy like most other protein mixes. Our Beef Protein Isolate has been produced by boiling down beef flesh, skimming the fat, drying the remaining aminos, and then spray-drying them for easy mixibility. They let me try a sample of the Paleo Greens powder and it was delicious but I bought the Aztec Vanilla version of this.

The ingredients and processed used to make the Paleo Pro powder totally blew the competition away!
Most paleo protein powder products claiming to be “paleo” are derived from whey…but whey protein is dairy and not paleo friendly! We use lean beef, whole eggs, and egg whites that have been dried and ground into a fine, paleo protein powder. The nozzle vaporizes the mixture into droplets which are instantly dried into little powder particles!

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