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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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Weight loss for athletes (an non-athletes) remains a minefield of fact, fiction, best sellers and diet plans. Overall a positive energy balance causes weight gain, negative energy balance weight loss and a neutral energy balance a stable weight.
After 6 months, then again at 2 years there was no difference in weight loss between the groups. Eating large amounts of foods that are high in “healthy fats” such as avocado, oils, nuts and seeds.
Research suggests that negative energy balance is the only thing that matters for total weight loss.

Most Australians already eat that much, so it doesn’t necessarily mean eating more protein, simply not cutting it back. You don’t need to obsess about it but you probably need to at least have some idea of where the calories, fat, protein and carbs are coming from in your diet to make smart decisions about your eating.
Research shows that people who think this way are less likely to lose weight and more likely to regain it.
Don’t assume because your diet is healthy that you’ll automatically lose weight, but on the flipside don’t feel that your eating has to be perfect either. Avoid large reductions in protein unless your aim is to not only lose body fat but muscle as well.

If your weight is currently stable then generally speaking a reduction of about 500 calories (or ~2000kJ) a day is required for weight loss of ~1kg a month. Vary your eating (especially carbs) depending on the amount and intensity of training, and be careful not to excessively restrict your diet for prolonged periods – it can have health consequences. Faster weight loss comes with greater reductions, but this may be harder to sustain and fuel your training.

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